The Gestapo
Eyes pursue quarry across the room
Breath quickens in anticipation
Strong fingers stroke pliers,
The chosen tools of destruction
Sensing the malicious gaze,
The woman quickens her pace
Ushering her children towards the door
Husband gone,
Hope almost dead,
She crosses the threshold and breaks into a run
Little does she know it's too late for her
A man emerges from the shadows
She collides with him
And falls to the ground
He extends a hand,
Face a masterful mask of concern
As he helps her up,
S l o w l y
Too slowly returns her purse
With a smile like ice
His hand gripping her arm,
A pretense of solicitude
Effectively restraining her
As her children look on in innocent interest
And their pursuer rounds the corner
She sees him, out of the corner of her eye,
She screams for her children to run
She sees her death
Shining from his malicious eyes
Desperate, she turns to draw him away
Her children break into a stumbling run
A feeling of foreboding grips her
And she pauses in her headlong flight
A small explosion rips the air
Slaughtering her hopes of escape
As her daughter screams and falls,
Time pauses its merciless advance as she turns
Breath caught in throat
Fearing the worst
To see her daughter's leg torn in two
And she closes her eyes
Shuts out the blood
Reminds herself she's lucky
It could be worse.

Despite herself,
The mother gives up
And promises to cooperate
If her children are left unharmed
She tells them all she knows
As her body convulses in torturous throes
She reveals much
Too much
Not for her sake but
For her children's
Until, sated, the Gestapo
Puts her out of her misery
Goes against his word,
And kill her children too.