The Forest
Ancient boughs sigh in spring breezes
Limbs creak,
Leaves spread
To catch the sun's golden glow
A veritable study of longevity
The forest of giants rise up and up
The chatter of squirrels pierces the silence
Bright sun becomes soft golden haze
Peace and tranquility
Seep into the very soil
As the saplings reach for
The bright blue of the sky
Feet carpeted by soft mosses underfoot
The lumberjack strides easily
Carelessly whistling a tune
Evaluating each tree
Until his chainsaw roars to life
Cold steel pierces warm sap,
The essence of life
And with a heartrending crack,
The giant falls
Bemoaning its pain with its final breath
Leaving a gap in the sky
For the sun to raise a young sapling
From the very center of the old tree tunk
As silence once again prevails.