Sunrise-distant peaks,
Pyramids glow silver-light,
Sun on limestone sides,
Something isn't right,
¿Am i dreaming? [ka]

Sunlight-glittering waters,
Sacred River winds snake,
Mystic land of wonder,
With every breath I take,
¿Are we dreaming? [ka of the people]

Sunlight-flood-land farms,
Wheat and barley, pomegranates,
All 'round restful calm,
¿Too good to be true?
¿Am I dreaming? [Ka of the Pharaoh.]

White-washed houses, half-built tombs,
Wind blows cool and gentle,
¿Lost all too soon?
¿Are We dreaming? [Ka of the Gods.]

Sunlight-harsh and bright,
Barren wasteland stretches,
Destroys land once gave life.
Tears for what used to be.

I wish I was dreaming.
We wish We were waking. [All of the Kas]

Duel poem between Andaren (myself) and Manuel Fajar.