Solitary Rose NRC-M,

A rose stands dying in the late frost, wilting, but not forgotten. A blush- cheeked, raven- haired, sad young woman walks to the rose everyday, attired in a long skin coat, to ward off the coming cold.
She waters the rose with her tears, slowly sliding down her face. Softly, gently, they roll with the curves of her cheeks, falling upon the dying rose below. Her tender, full, red lips brush the tip of one petal as it falls, kissing it as she once kissed me.
For it is I, lying beneath her sobbing beauty. And I watch her everyday, floating silently behind. I want to speak to her, to touch her once more, but I am unable to do so. My words fall upon deaf ears, and my hand flows through her body as if it were water. Her tears and sorrow, now my lifeline between two worlds.
Remembering. southern rifles, sounding in my ears, ten times louder, ten times worse, then any midnight storm. Feeling scared, seeing blood on friends, dead and dying. But I had to do something. My family was counting on me to protect them. I had to make them proud! I could not just sit there. I had to avenge my comrades' deaths! I had to defend my country! So like a fool, forgetting my wife of one month, I stepped up to the front lines. Fumbling with the gun and powder horn. Forgetting where my bullets were. I never stood a chance. Soon, all too soon, my body filled with lead. Falling to the ground, barely alive, barely breathing. All my life functions stopping. Throat, lungs- collapsed. Dead, shrouded in black nothingness.
Now I watch her everyday, wondering if maybe someday our existence will be different. Hoping that one day she will love again. Because she has her own life, her own dreams. And I cannot be a part of that any longer.
So scratch me from your mind and heart, my wife, replace me with someone else. For it does no good to weep for me any longer, for I have past. I cannot come back, so forget. Forget me. Because I loved you too much to let you suffer. To let my tortured soul rest, to let my wandering spirit leave this Earth- forget me, forget me.