Pfew, finally updated this piece so it's readable. It's my first attempt so
be gentle.
Lemme know what you think!

Laughing Vampire

Laughing Vampire
where will you strike tonight?
Will you terrorise some dark ally,
hidden in the shadows,
surround your victims with fear?

Or will you charm them?
Hypnotise them with your voice
and lure them under the pale moon?

Will you break their skin gently,
or will you suck them dry?
Will u caress them lovingly, deceitfully,
or will u deliver them pain?

For it is how you survive.
Their blood allows you to dwell on earth,
for eternity, ever after.

Still, the treatment matters not,
for the result remains the same.
A lifeless body at your feet
and laughter echoing through the night

Oh, the joy of neverending bloodlust
Laughing Vampire strikes again