Hope Dies Last

I sit here in tears
Thinking of all my fears
When will they cease?
When will I get peace?

I long for love
Even just a taste
To be held for once
In a sweet embrace

Will he notice?
The person inside
Will he look through?
My cleverly thought disguise

Will he care?
Enough to notice
That my heart is
Strained with focus

I wish someone
Would come and
Rescue me before
I try to cut to deep

My life flushed out
In pools of blood
Dreaming that it
Was just mud

Hoping and praying
That one day he'll come
And see me for what
I am

And love me for
Who I could be
And whom I can
Tears a flow still

In a constant stream
But my head in a
Dream, of love and
Hope so life's not a joke

I wish for these
Things and hope one
Day they'll come
To me

Before I cut to deep

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