Author's Notes – Loosely based on a character of mine & darthelwig's named Huck.  I'm not certain who's p.o.v. it's from, though I have my suspicions...  *cough* Pol. *cough*  ^_^


Beautiful Boy

by Ghost Helwig


Behind the branches, in the trees

He's the one who always sees

And I get so lost inside

The hive that rests within his mind


He's not safe to be around

Because he's unafraid of falling down

And behind the mask he also wears

A soul that's known many rips and tears


But I stand right by his side

More foolishly brave than smart am I

But I could never leave, not now or then

Because I've found my only friend


We share it all and brook no boundary

When I was lost he found me

And though none of them can understand

I don't need anyone to hold my hand


I'll follow him through each night and day

He is the God to whom I pray

And when it seems my hope is past

He's the one who brings me back


He's got a heart so bright and true

I could never explain his soul to you

He lives and breathes and gives me joy

The most impossible, innocent, beautiful boy