Crystal vase sitting on the window frame

Filled with flowers of red and blue,
The petals opening up toward
The sun and the sky.
So beautiful
The way the flowers add beauty
To the room,
How the crystal sparkles from
Rays of the sun.
So perfect,
So right.

A swipe of the hand,
The vase falls,
Shattering upon the
Hard wood floor.
Shards catching the light,
Casting rainbows upon the walls
As they cover the floor.
Water spreads
Out across and,
Flowers of red and blue
Scatter about in disarray.
Soft petals crushed,
Green leaves torn.

Beauty and perfection,
Broken by a fell sweep
Of a malignant hand.
Glistening crystal vase lies
In fragments.
Fragrant flowers of
Red and blue,
Dead with rainbow shards
Encircling them like a deadly crown.

Broken innocence.

Shattered hearts.