The things you do
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: This song was inspired after hearing the song "Diamonds are a girl's
best friend." I know this kinda sucks, but I wanted to write some happy
poems today. I hope you like it. Read and review.

A kiss on the lips will make any girl swoon
As long as it's a kiss from you
A hug is just a hug from anybody else
But only a hug from you will do

An embrace from your arms
Makes me feel so safe and warm
Just remember that I'm your girl

I don't want anybody else
I want you all to myself
Just remember that you're my world

A caress of your hand can make my heart race
As long as you caress me again
I feel so safe when you hold me close to you
Let this love affair begin

A deep gaze in my eyes
Takes me by surprise
Do you know my love is true

Please stay by side
This love won't be denied
Forever I will love you too