The Poerty In Red
By Kenishiro
{It seems that there are some poems that sometimes can suddenly
came to be in your head, and that you can 'see' the words flowing.
Until you put it on paper that the haunting words stop, or may be
that's just me?! Hope you enjoy it...}

The Poetry In Red

I felt the Rage,
To write in red,
The words I laced,
Filled with hate,

This is the poetry in red,

This poetry in red,
I wrote it with anger,
Swep like fire,
Burning intensely,

Hot with cold sweat,
I held it in my hand,
Trembling and shaking,
I read it with hatred,

The poetry in red,

"Curse it!," I said,
This poetry in red,
All the anger I had,
Now written instead.

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