There is a Maiden bright and fair
Who weaves the moonlight into Her hair
The brightest stars decorate Her bower
Her flesh smells sweet, like spring's first flowers
The waning moon's crescent is her seat
And here She and I did meet
She whispered as I kissed Her gown;
"Innocence, I rain My blessing down!"

Seasons turned the wheel around
Full moon became a belly round
Maiden no more, but Mother Blessed
And She loves us all, through worst and best
As I gathered summer's fruits She came
And took my hand, and said my name
Then close She came, and She did speak;
"Fulfilment, now thine desires seek!"

Samhain night the new-year has shown
Mother no more, but Wizened Crone!
Now silver highlights dust Her hair
As She rests within Her waning chair
Through fingers gnarled the life-thread flows
And as She snaps it, so life goes!
Weak and old, I sought Her place
And shuddered the see Her time-worn face
Then me She espied and unlocked Her lips;
"Death! All things must come to this!"

My limbs! My limbs are new not old!
Once more I the Maiden behold
And She smiles and offers me Her hand
"Come; no more the Summerlands.
New or old, all life is Mine
And as I will it, it always shall shine
Come, blessed child, I shall open the gate
Come, My child . new life awaits!"