Why does that girl have a broken smile?
Why does she shy away?
Why doesn't she speak to me?
It's not that I have much to say...

Why does that boy do those things?
Why does hate burn in his eyes?
Why does he say those things?
Doesn't he ever cry?

Who is that girl who's crying Daddy?
What are those marks upon her arms?
Why would she do that Daddy?
What is causing her so much harm?

I broke my soul again.
I fell upon my inequities
And spread my morals thin
I tore up all my values
And now here I am again
I scraped my knees upon the world
I now you can see all of my sin
At you feet, my being hurled.

So many things I donnot understand
So many things that make me want to cry
So much in this world that I despise
Sometimes I wonder why I even try
And then you speak to me again
In the answering of the smallest prayer
And I remember once again

We lead ourselves to this suffering
Caused ourselves all this pain
You never wanted this for us
Your tears falling like the rain
It's so easy to forget
All that free will entails
So we have brought this upon ourselves
You anger raining down like hail
But still you forgive us when we turn to you
And love us all the while
And still you try to work us through our inequities
Even when we are in denial

I am sorry that I forgot
And was as a child again
It's so easy to be something I'm not
To lose sight of you in my pain

Help me to understand
Who I'm supposed to be
And help me to overcome
All this suffering that I see