Shattered vase upon the floor,
Trampled flowers ripped and torn.
I glance down upon the
Sparkling remains and wonder,
Was it all in vain?
Is it ever worth it
To take beauty for granted
When in a single sweep
Everything is ruined?
Red and blue flowers,
No more do they catch
The eye.
No more does crystal
Cast rainbows upon the walls.
Salty tears fall from my eyes
As I pick up the crystal shards
And the flowers,
Wet from my tears and
The water spilling out of
The broken crystal vase.
Everything the flowers
And the vase stood for
Are no more than fragments
Cutting into my heart and soul,
My dreams.
Life is suffering. A constant
Shattering of crystal vases
And trampling of flowers.
Will it ever reach an end?
Will broken hearts ever mend?