Frozen in time
My thoughts are a black hole
Life is a void
I don't feel
This pain isn't real
Broken inside
I care not about life
I'm just a no body
A body whose soul exists not
All the blank stares
All the frozen glares
They mean nothing to you
I mean nothing to you
I'm so cold
Can't you see me freezing?
Can't you see me dying?
There's nothing left for me here
Nothing left for me to fear
Torn to shreds, ripped to pieces
Head pounding, no sense of reason
It bothers you not
You don't care that I've fallen apart
Mangled and torn
Still all I receive is scorn
Thanks for your concern
It means a lot to me
You and your foolish lies
I'll never know how you feel inside
Stop playing these games
Free me of my pain
Maybe then I'll be happy
Maybe then I'll live
Maybe then I will fly