Little black satin in predictable pattern
Dressed up to the nines in undisputable time
My hair all in place complete with pale powdered face
This is what I got- your lips said that I was sweet
Voice of soft slow talk, sashay my hips as I walk
We're heading upstairs, getting rid of all our cares
Then, you close the door and my black dress hits the floor
You peel off your socks, you say that I am sweet
Stroking your soft skin and giving in to Lust's sin
My hand on your thigh with a sparkle in your eye
Abruptly we kiss- just two young lovers in bliss
I ask for you more- you smile and call me sweet
Now you're fast asleep but I'm left awake to weep
I watch all your dreams, suffocating vivid screams
Just boxed up and torn with no real reason to mourn
One woman's defeat-to you, all I am is sweet