It's been far too long
since I've seen your face
I miss you so damn much
I can't stop crying
I need you with me now
but crap gets in the way
Life, school, work, band
It seems so impossible
All the odds are against us
Nothing ever goes right
It's been weeks
and I can barely live
rarely talking to you
desperately needing you
I'm heart-broken and miserable
But it's all worth it

This pain and suffering
will evaporate
and I will be numb to everything
except your love
The moment I see you again
The second I can feel your arms
intertwined with mine
I know how much I love you
how much I need you
how perfect you are for me
All I need is you
and life has hope
There's something to live for
As soon as I see you
and hold you close
It'll all be worth it