Deceive me
Bleed for me
Like I bled for you
Torture me
Berate me
Hate me
Love me
Like I love you
Shun me
Scorn me
Fuck me
The way I want it
Breathe me in
Feel me
Break my skin
Tear me apart
Leave me without a heart
Rip out my soul
Leave me broken and cold
Misunderstand me
Judge me
Accept me
Accept me
I am who I am
That's all there's left to do
I wanna break you
The way you broke me
I wanna fuck you
Make you feel used like me
Make you feel abused like me
Torture your soul
Fuck with your mind
I'm one of a kind
Next time you wanna fuck around
Use someone else
I'm not your whore
Kill me!
Kill me!
Kill me!
I just don't want you around