I looked at myself in the mirror. Perfect. That was the only way to describe me. I was wearing a very sexy black shirt with a very low neckline. I had paired it with a white miniskirt, that showed off my long legs. My silky blond hair was let loose in soft waves around my head, and my blue eyes looked even more blue because of the eyeliner. Yes, I looked stunning. I was going to dance.
"Are you ready Sylvie?" my best friend, Marietta asked. She had dirty blond hair, that was pulled up in a ponytail. Marietta was more for comfort than fashion, and that's something of her I've never been able to understand. She was not exactly beautiful, but she had a really strong personality.
"Yes!" I yelled, running down the stairs. I took a look at Marietta, and my stomach churned. She was wearing plain jeans and a sweatshirt! That is definitely not a decent dancing attire.
"What is that?" I asked pointing at her clothes. Marietta looked at herself in a mirror I had made my mother place by the front door so I could check how I looked before going out.
"They're called clothes," Marietta said in a cool tone. I sighed impatiently.
"Marietta, you can't go dancing like that," I said. "Those clothes are so not in. How do you expect anyone to ask you out to dance if you are dressed like that?" Marietta sighed.
"Sylvie, I don't like dancing," she said, nervously playing with a strand of hair.
"Yes but they won't even come near you to talk to you," I protested. I had made my mission to make Marietta a beautiful diva, but she was putting on quite a lot of resistance. I just couldn't believe her.
"I don't care," she said."I don't like going to those places." I rolled my eyes, but led the way outside to my car. I put the keys on and drove off.

Imade the trip into the nightclub in record time. Marietta got out of the car looking uncertainly at the building. She didn't seem to want to go in.
"Do I have to dance?" she asked nervously. I laughed. I imagined Marietta dancing, and it was the most funny picture I'd ever seen. Marietta threw me a dirty look, knowing exactly what I was laughing at.
"No, I just want you to be there if I need you," I said. I knew Marietta totally hated places like this, and I could see she wasuncomfortable just thinking about the place.However, I needed her. None of my other friends could come today, and I needed some backup if I had some unwanted admirer. It had taken some doing, but I had finally convinced Marietta to come along. Also, Marietta was strong, so I could count on her like a sort of bodyguard.

We entered the club, and I could see why Marietta hated this kind of places. It was crowded and full of smoke, and the horrible smell of sweat, alcohol, tobacco, weed and other human-produced smells that were neither easy to identify nor pleasant. However, the load of really cute and gorgeous guys made the place worth it. And I was going to make this even more worth it. I immediately I started checking out cute guys. Tonight I had bowed that I was not going to exit this club without a date. I walked over to the bar, not taking my eyes off the dance floor. There were some really gorgeous guys, but it disappointed me to see that most of them had already found a date. I knew I should have come in earlier, but Marietta wasn't such a big help when it came to getting early to parties.
"I'm going to need help to bear this," Marietta said, wincing at the music and all the people dancing. She asked the bartender for the strongest drink he could come up with. I shook my head. I just couldn't understand how she could drink so much without becoming seriously drunk. I also couldn't understand her love for alcohol. I mean, why drink and get yourself all stupid and clumsy when you can be out dancing and flirting? I knew Marietta couldn't be having much fun when she was drunk, then why do it? I shook my head, and decided to ignore her, at least for a while.
"I'm going to dance," I said, standing up. Marietta took a deep gulp from her drink and waved me off. Smiling, I walked over to the dance floor to show off all my moves.


An hour later, I decided to take a rest. I was really happy, lots of cute guys had danced with me. However, none of them really catched my attention. I sat down next to Marietta, who was still drinking and staring off into space.
"Can I invite you a drink?" a deep voice said. I turned around, and came face to face with the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen. He was tall, with really toned muscles and a great body. His hair was wavy black, and his eyes were emerald green. He flashed a smile and I saw the straightest white teeth. His smile was breathtaking.
"Coke," I answered, flashing my sexiest smile. I couldn't believe my luck. I hadn't even been sitting here five minutes in here and the most gorgeous guy in the whole place was inviting me a drink. It must have been some kind of record.
"Don't you want something stronger?" he asked, raising his eyebrows. I shook my head.
"My body is a temple," I said. "I will not contaminate it with alcohol or smoke." He looked at me like he couldn't believe it, then smiled at me.
"You're the first girl that says that," he said, and gave me a wink. "I guess I'll have to learn from you." He turned to the bartender and ordered a pair of cokes. Wow, I really like this guy. He's like one of the only guys who actually respects my way of thinking about alcohol and smoke. I could feel myself falling for him.
I heard an impatient whisper behind me and I whirled around. Oops, I had forgotten about Marietta already. She was rolling her eyes at me, and then giving Alan weird looks. She can be such a jerk sometimes, especially when she's drunk, thatI decided to ignore her.
"So, I haven't heard your name yet," I said, touching his arm lightly.
"I'm Alan," he said, and flashed another smile. Oh my god, I could feel myself fainting. If he kept on smiling at me like that I was really going to faint. His smile was just too beautiful, and he was the most gorgeous guy I'd ever seen.
"I'm Sylvie." I don't know why, but I got the impression that this was love at first sight.