Ethereal Fun!!!

Okay, kids, this is for all you who've read my other story "Ethereal." If you haven't already, get started! People who comment on it are forever on my Cool List.

So this is my 5 year old sister's take on the story's characters, her way of helping me conquer writer's block.

"One day whatever. They didn't even do anything. But the only one who did something was Corrie's family. Corrie was playing in her kitchen. Rian wanted to play too. He ate some fruity popcorn. Then Elsie (A.N.-the name of my cat) chased a little mouse. "Tag! You're it!" Elsie said. "No I'm not!" said Corrie. Then Elsie chased her. Rian wanted to play, too. But Corrie didn't want him to play too, so he ate more fruity popcorn. THE END!"

I know this is pointless, but I at least thought it was funny.

Anyone who can tell me how to incorporate "fruity popcorn" into Ethereal also gets a place on my Cool List.

Cheers! ~COTCW