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Nothing More


Even before I reached the entranceway to the club I could hear the bass reverberating off the walls and the screaming vocals of the lead singer from the rock band playing on stage. I couldn't believe what I was doing, what I was about to do. I would've never considered something as outrageous as this just three days ago, but here I was.

I was entering a world that I never dreamed of entering.

And I would be at the heart of it.

The bouncer held open the door for us as we entered. Behind me I could here the girls squealing in delight at the various lights dancing along the walls and the floors and my heart beating twice the normal speed, which seemed normal these past few days.

"Good evening ladies, may I take your jackets?"

Looking to my left there stood a young man with his arms held out to take our jackets. I smiled as well as the other girls, Janice and Lisa giving him their jackets. I didn't wear one.

Upon turning the corner, my heart leapt.

It was amazing.

Lights danced everywhere, floor lights decorated the perimeter of the dance floor and lights shimmied from the ceiling. It gave me the sudden urge to start dancing. The were no tables positioned along the perimeter's of the club, but in the back of the room there was the bar, stretched out along the entire wall with stools and of course, more lights. I was truly in awe of the place.

I felt my arm being tugged.

"Come on Angelina! Lets get us some drinks." Janice said, pulling me along with her.

I didn't have any objections.

I was pulled passed bunches of people, yelling excuse me and avoiding swinging elbows. And with these heels on, there was definitely a possibility of an accident, but I tried to keep up with Janice, who had a tight grip on my wrist. Natasha and Lisa following closely behind us.

Upon reaching the bar, I let Janice order the drinks as I scanned the crowd. I wasn't sure if I was looking for anyone in particular or if I was just curious if any one in particular would show up.

Not that I was expecting someone to show up. I was just curious.

I just wanted to know if they would check this place out too.

Besides, there's no harm in wondering.

I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Turning around, I found a guy standing in front of me.

"Would you like to dance?"

I could feel my eyebrows begin to furrow and my lips form a tight line, but I forced myself to smile. "Sorry, but I'm waiting for my friends."

He laughed; it was a nice laugh, neither loud nor boastful, just a nice laugh. "Just one dance. That's all I ask."

I looked over at Janice and the girls. What was just one dance right? I'd be back before the girls got their drinks.

Smiling up at the young man standing in front of me, I offered him my hand. "Just one dance."

He smiled back down at me and took a hold of my hand. He led me towards the dance floor, glancing back at me every few steps with that smile on his face.

It wasn't long before that smile started to give me butterflies. It had me questioning myself as to why I agreed to dance with this complete stranger. It was definitely not something I would usually do. My eyes widened.

But would it be something that Angelina would do?

It appears so.

Suddenly, the guy's hold on my wrist was gone and I felt his hands on my waist.

"The name's Vance."

The way he whispered into my ear sent shivers down my spine.

He pulled me closer to him.

My arms went around his neck and I found myself getting lost in the music.

The words to the song filled my head as I swayed in tune with Vance. It did feel awkward at first, dancing so close to a guy, but I found myself getting comfortable in the position, which only led to more daring moves.

When I dance, I just let the music take control of my body.

I don't think.

I don't anticipate.

I just do.

Vance spun me around and I laughed, letting my head fall back. I was actually enjoying myself. And Vance was surprisingly an all right dancer.

I smiled back at him when he smiled down at me.

The song faded into the background as the next song was mixed in. I wiped the sweat away that formed on my brow and brushed my hair out of my face.

Just as Vance put his hands on my waist, I looked past him and froze. Even through the mounds of people by the entranceway, I was still able to recognize him. He seemed to stand out against all the other moving bodies. It seemed as though someone had placed a spotlight on him and created an aura around him just so my eyes would become fixated on him.

He was talking to Tom and Scott. Albeit saying nothing but trash about this place. That's how they were. They would never admit that any place was all right. They would trash talk and bash the place until a new place opened up and then they would do the same to that one. Tom and Gary had a dream of opening their own club one day and ever since they decided that, they became critics of every club in town.

I watched as they slowly made their way towards the bar, my eyes never leaving him.

"So can I have the pleasure of knowing your name?"

My head whipped around towards Vance and my cheeks burnt. I forgot I was even with him. Giving him a smile, I replied, "Angelina."

"Well, Angel, can I have the pleasure of meeting you again sometime? I've got to get going."

"Sure." I answered without even thinking. He handed me a pen and stuck his hand out towards me. Not comprehending what he was asking, he laughed.

"May I have your number?"

I never give out my number. Putting the pen cap back on the pen, I smirked at him. "How about we meet at Quiznos tomorrow for supper? I'll meet you there."

"Sounds good." He kissed me on my cheek. "I'll be seeing you later, Angel."

Smiling, I watched him walk away before turning towards the bar. Looking up, I saw Janice waving her arms back and forth in the air.

My heart skipped a beat.

Standing beside her was Tom, Scott, and Gary.

Flushing, I continued pushing my way through the dancing couples and groups. I decided it was probably about time that I confronted them. It was now or never.

I took a deep breath as I pushed through the final couple.

Squaring my shoulders, I walked purposefully towards Janice with my head held up high. Marguerite told me that a woman walks with pride, confidence, and with an air of royalty. I highly doubt it, but I walked the way she told me anyways.

Upon reaching Janice, she squealed and quickly wrapped her arms around me. "And who was that dancing with you? He's fine."

I laughed, pulling away from Janice and taking the drink Lisa offered me. I was parched.

"AJ?" a voice questioned from behind me.

I purposefully turned slowly towards the voice, wanting more time.

Tom was shaking his head, looking me up and down, Scott was smiling with a disbelieving look in his eyes, but Gary's reaction surprised me. In fact, there was no reaction whatsoever. His facial expressions remained passive and unaffected.

"Damn girl! You clean up nice!" Scott remarked, kissing me on the cheek

I laughed as Tom wrapped his arm around my shoulders. "Our little AJ, all grown up."

"That's Angelina to you Thomas." I said, pointing my finger at him.

Tom smiled. "Heels or not, AJ, I can still take you out on the courts."

Removing his arm from my shoulders, I smirked. "We'll just see about that."

"Yeah, we'll see."

I spun around at the sound of the new voice, though I had a slight feeling of who it might be.

"May I have this dance?"

Lyle had his hand held out for me to take and a smile gracing upon his lips. Michael, Gerald, and Patrick stood behind Lyle, smiling at me.

Taking Lyle's hand I let him lead me out onto the dance floor. I honestly don't know what I was thinking.

"Lyle's been asking about you."

Scott's words floated back into my head. Asking about you. I have to admit I was curious about Lyle. I was curious to know what had changed his mind about me. From what I remember, he wasn't pinning to be my best friend when we met. In fact, it seemed like he wanted nothing to do with me.

I watched him as he swung me into his arms and moved to the slow beat that poured from the speakers throughout the room. His arms immediately went around my waist and I found my arms moving up around his neck.

I could feel his hot breath against my neck.

His lips brushing ever so lightly against my ear.

Something so simple could easily get a girl to melt, but for some odd reason, it made me feel disgusted. I don't know why. Lyle was definitely a good-looking guy; I'd have to admit. But I couldn't help wanting him to stop. When I look at him, I can't help but look at him as a possible friend. Yes I was curious to know what made him change his mind about me, but that's it.

Nothing more.

As Lyle turned me around, I was once again facing the bar. Janice and Tom were talking amongst themselves, as were Michael and Lisa, and Gerald and Natasha. Patrick and Gary were laughing at something and I found myself wanting to be there with them laughing at whatever it was they were laughing at.

I then remembered the way Gary had looked at me just moments before. If I hadn't known him I would've taken his reaction as cold and harsh, but there was nothing. He didn't look appalled, but he didn't look surprised either. He gave nothing off. And to me, that was worst then being disgusted.


"Hmm?" I turned back to Lyle. He was looking down at me with an expecting expression.

"I asked if you wanted to get out of here. Go back to my place or something?"

"What about the rest of the guys? Didn't they come here with you?"

"They can find their own rides home. Come on."

He was now tracing circles along the small of my back. I removed my arms from him, but he only tightened his hold on me. "I don't think that would be a good idea Lyle. I mean, I don't really know you all that great."

"What's there to know?"

"Well, for starters-" He began nibbling at my neck and I froze.

"Come on Angelina."

I didn't know what to do. My body was frozen.

"You won't regret it I promise."

The change in music brought me back and I slapped him across the cheek. He let me go out of surprise and retreated. I glared at him. "I said no."

He grabbed my wrist and tried to pull me back to him, but I brought my knee up into his gut. He fell back in pain.

"I can handle being friends Lyle, and nothing more." I turned from him and began my way back to the bar. Nothing more. For some reason, what Lyle did had brought me back down to reality. It brought my feet back down to Earth, to solid ground. I no longer had the butterflies in my stomach, or the need to win some stupid bet.

Nothing more.

Those two words kept replaying in my mind. They had a deeper meaning that I would never have understood just three days ago.

When I reached the bar, I immediately approached Janice. "Jan, I'm going home." I said no more and no less. I turned as she opened her mouth in protest and made my way out the doors. In any other circumstance, I would've relished in the feel of Gary's gaze on me, but not right now. Right now, it didn't mean anything.

Nothing more.

I was going home. And no, not my apartment. I was going home.


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