The man
Lying in a puddle of blood
Lying under his killers dazzling blade
The blade shimmering from the horrifying murder
Murdered in the dead of night
Silence deafening
Darkness blinding
The man
Lying in a puddle of agony
His first murder
The first of many
Many to follow
How horrible he felt
Taking the life of some innocent person
The blood seeping towards him
Starting to stain his shirt
Seeping in through the stitching of his shirt
He can feel the warmth against his skin
The sun is beginning to rise
The killer decides to leave
Leaving the man behind on the floor
No evidence left behind
Just blood and a body with wounds from the blade
The killer walks calmly out of the house
The front door
The police are waiting for him
Standing there outside of their cars
Waiting for the killer
He knows what he has done
And he knows what he has to do
The police car drives away
With the killer inside
The two police officers lying on the ground
In their own pools of blood
Just at the base of the curb
The killer moves on
The story is too long to be told in one poem
So this is where it ends
To be finished another day