WARNING: this is my outline for the rest of the story! I'd love to have comments about the general direction of the story, and it is probably going to be a long, long time before this is finished, given how I tend to keep starting over, but if for some reason you want to wait to find out what happens next...this would be a big spoiler!

But please, read and let me know what you think!
We meet Emmaline and Amalea

Emmaline's marriage-to-be is announced

Maurinn makes a snide comment to Emma

They pack for the "conference"

It is a quick journey through the forest to the "conference"

Once there, Emmaline is shown about like an animal for sale

She attends a couple parties, and meets an overwhelming number of gentlemen, including Forge

Amalea becomes "interested" in Forge

Her mother snootily whooshes her past a group of gentlemen, and all Emma sees as one turns his head is a flash of piercing blue. ((his eyes))

She also attends some boring negotiations, but is not permitted to one.

Afterwards, her mother announces that she is engaged to one Grigory yl Ralxa.

Maurinn again shows up

Emmaline packs again to move to Ralxa.

They are journeying through the forest, and Emma wanders off and gets lost.

Amalea goes out to find her, but Jon finds her first.

Jon, Robin, and Forge agree to walk with them.

Robin is "interested" in Amalea

They emerge from the forest

Emma is shocked by the light – temporarily blinded

Maurinn lends her some support

She and Amalea are in awe of the flowers and rolling hills

Jon & co. find it very funny

Forge agrees to teach Amalea weaponry

They have to cross a river.

Emma goes on horseback, but gets very wet anyway

She almost slips off and is terrified

Jon promises to teach her to swim later

They follow the river

Emma dozes off on her horse and falls in the mud

She tears her skirt and Maurinn repairs it

They talk while she works; Maurinn reveals that she is going to be married to some Ralxan as well

Jon teaches her to swim

Amalea hurts herself during a weaponry lesson

Robin takes care of her

They leave the river and reach some mountains

Emma is not happy with mountains

Very tired

Always feels like the cannot catch her breath

Gets cold and snowy

There is a rockslide/small avalanche – Jon, Amalea & several others fall

Emma is devastated – clings to Maurinn

Maurinn discovers that she feels very strongly for Emma – begins to fret

The whole party stops to try to find and rescue them

Amalea decides her feelings for Forge are extraordinarily strong when they are both stuck/hurt

They are returned safely

Emma and Jon admit love – sorta

Alicia, inspired by Emma's success, tells Forge her feelings – but is rejected.

Forge says that he loves Emma, but Amalea tells him that Emma is "taken"

Robin comforts her again.

Finally, they begin their descent.

Robin does Amalea a favor.

They camp by a lake, and Emma and Alicia decide to go swimming.

They invite Maurinn, but she turns them down out of embarrassment

Robin takes Amalea by surprise, and confesses love. Amalea runs away.

Emmaline and Jon get into a fight (Jon "snubs" Emma)

Amalea rejects Robin – "just friends"

Emmaline celebrates her birthday

Maurinn surprises her by cooking

The fight is resolved when Jon explains that he is an yn, which is why he cannot be with her

Emma agrees that she has to marry Grigory as planned.

Maurinn is very sad and confused – talks with Amalea

At last, they reach Ralxa!

Emmaline finds that she cannot stand Grigory – and he only wanted her for a housemaid.

Amalea is not allowed to stay with Emma and Grigory

Robin lets her live with him

She decides she'll give the relationship a try

Maurinn goes to her fiancé and discovers it's Jon

Maurinn says, "Any husband will do…" sadly, not looking at Emma

Jon talks with Grigory, and they agree to switch