'Tis a joy to hear the ocean rise
And watch it flow, see it foam
But from a distance here I stand
Wrapped in armour to shield myself
From the frigid winds that come my way
And block my ears to the wolf's howl,
For here I stand, so shut away.

Someone sings over yonder
While music plays amidst the trees
I cannot follow for I am shackled
To the safety of my own sanity,
And here I stand, left to ponder
The autumn leaves raining down,
But I cannot look up,
All that is left is for me to wonder.

Once I laughed and also cried
I screamed to the skies to make me free
To let me be no one but me
Yet now I am nothing, left only scarred
Beneath a pile of dust so old
That it holds me down, no room to breathe
If only I could see
Your eyes, your smile and your lips
If only I could feel
Your kiss, your touch and your hands
O if only I were not as cold as marble
A statue in some twisted garden.