Fixing People
A lot of people go into my major, because they have a strong desire to fix
They want to see justice done, and people not in pain,
They also want to be able to prevent things from happening to others.
No more pain, no more suffering, no more hurt feelings, and bitter tears.
The problem is that we can not fix people,
We can't even really fix ourselves,
We see all of this, and it makes us sad, or bitter, or angry.
Why does the world have to be like this?
Why do all these unfair things happen to people,
Both good and bad.
I see people around me, they have troubles.
Some of their hearts are slashed to little pieces, and I can not mend the
pieces together.
I want to. I don't want to see them hurt anymore.
I know in time they will heal, and that they are, but it is painful.
It makes me cry.
I know I have to fix myself first.
I am no good if I can't do that. But it is hard for me.
I have always been taught to concern myself with others first.
Will you help me, hold my hand as I walk through this sorrow,
Help me not loss who I am because of all the pain in the world,
And all I will know I will see.
It will be hard,
But I think I, or rather we all, can get through it,
If you use your light to guide us.
You protect everyone oh Lord,
And I know you can't fix everything,
But please give me the strength to keep trying,
To keep caring on, as I know the sadness in the world trouble you as well.