We met. We danced. We laughed. We parted. You promised to meet me there again, but you never did...

The memoirs of that night

Just still lingers

In the corners of my mind

I don't even know you

Yet there's this gravity

That pulls me to where you are

And I don't know why

But there seems to be also

A magnetism that takes you

To where I am

The magic of that night

Never lasted just even

For a point in eternity

Every last split-second

Was spent trying to see

What is behind each other's

Window to the soul

However, we knew

There is something between us

Something that was never brought up

All because time passed by

So quickly, even our names were forgotten

Never had a chance to whisper it

Even just to the wind

And that's it

The story ends

Only the place

That is now all in ruins

Knows what truly happened

But just to let you know

I am still here where you've left me

Still waiting. . .