You didn't invite me to something again,
I am not mad this time,
I know the world doesn't revolve around me,
And that you have other friends.
I also have come to accept that I am not a top priority for a lot of
They don't want to necessarily hang out with me,
I was taught though, not to invite myself to things,
To be invited.
But most of my life,
I push myself in,
Because I know that I am somewhat of a last minute person to invite.
I know you guys are still my friends though.
I am not that stupid.
I just know that maybe I am not the kind of person that you want
To hang out with all the time,
Just some of the time.
And sometimes, only when I include myself.
But I can't do that every time,
This is one of the reasons I am moody,
Then I don't know if I would have been invited anyway.
So, I am not holding my breath for you to invite me to things.
And I don't want guilt invites.
I am not upset.
I know it is not a personal attack on me,
Like before.
And I am serious this time,
When I say I am okay with it.