Bound in Black Veins and Despair

Lovely these pieces falling before my feet,

As you cower in the terror of my hate for you,

I will cause you the pain that you caused me.

Screaming at you,

Blood dripping from my lips,

I shudder,

Tears flowing down my face,

Tracing paths where you scarred me.

You loved me,

Then hated me,

Fogging over everything,

Making me blind to your feelings so I could never see.

You'd mend me,

And then reopen the gash,

Causing it bleed more and more,

Marring my features,

But never making me ugly.

You gasp as my chains encircle and constrict your neck,

Ripping into your neck and choking you.

I break down and weep for all of the sorrows you caused me,

And how I can still not watch you die nor kill you.

You ways clinging to me and the darkness,

Crying out you are still my obscurite*.

The chains release,

Your limp body falling onto the dust covered floor,

It coming to scatter,

Dead leaves around you dance up,

Then descend onto your features,

Into your hair,

Coffins surrounding us undisturbed.

I sob,

Gently lifting your head to rest on my lap,

Brushing away the brushing away a colored leaf upon your pale cheek,

My tears falling upon your lips.

I laugh, whispering,

This is what you wanted isn't it?

I stroke your jaw,

Staring at your blue lips,

Trying to steady trembling hands.

Gently I shift your body,

Placing your head on the floor,

My spirit falls into you,

Easing air into your veins,

I steal away,

Blown back into my being,

As I pant for breath,

Opening my darkened eyes,

Your shadows I now share.

Your silver-black eyes watching over me.

You gently reopen a scar and I laugh.

In death we blissfully consume one another,

My bereaved breaths coming more rapidly...


*Darkness [French]