Dark One

Adrian stopped, his heart beating like crazy. Could he really be doing such a terrible thing to the woman he secretly loved. If Rebecca ever was to tell anyone what went on between them, he would be put on exile. The secret treaty should stop her from saying anything, about that, and about his darkest secret. The thieves guild would not tolerate such a behavior from one of their best, even if it involved the daughter of The Leader. Adrian, being tall and extremely agile, was the best addition to the Guild in a long while. Now fourteen, he regretted the day when he was three and his two sisters Courtney and Cassandra died a tortured death because he would not admit that he was a triplet with them. To the leader, being a triplet was evil, and bad luck, as were twins. The leader issued a law that all sets of twins and triplets were to be put to death. As such, Courtney and Cassandra were put to death, Adrian was spared only for the reason that he was a man, and since men were trusted in the community more than women, Adrian held to his word about not being a triplet. He regretted that to this day. To make it worse, the leader had tortured the twins, and Adrian's only friends, to their death, with Adrian watching, against his will. How he regretted not being killed with them. Adrian was to have his revenge, this very night.
"What will Rebecca think of me after I kill her father?" Adrian wondered aloud, gently caressing the blade of his sword. He had never seen the leaders face, as had no one else, besides Rebecca. His face won't be in the shadows now, Adrian thought, disgusted at the fact that someone would hide their face for so long, and not even start to worry about what others would think when they saw him. Or maybe he did worry, because he did not want people to reject him because of his features, so he hid constantly. Adrian entered the leaders room as soundlessly as a shadow, which had formed his nickname "Dark One." Looking around the room, Adrian saw all sorts rich goods, many being foreign to his trained eye. Then he saw it, the leaders bed, surrounded by layers upon layers of expensive fabrics. A light was on in the corner, and a low murmur of voices was coming from that direction. His heart skipped a beat when he recognized the voices.
"Rebecca, this can't be true," Came the Leaders cold, harsh voice.
"But it is, dearest father." Rebecca's sweet voice responded. Adrian decided to hide and listen, just to hear Rebecca's beautiful voice. He pressed his slim body against the cool stone wall, and made his way to the small closet that served its purpose of storing un-needed objects.
The leader seemed to be pondering what Rebecca had said before Adrian had entered the room. "No, Adrian is a man, he has held to his word, he cannot be a triplet." the Leader said calmly. Adrian gasped, she was betraying him and all he was. Unconsciously, he ran his hand through his short blond hair. Rebecca would never do such a thing to him, she had told him that she loved him, and would never betray his secret. It was all a lie, just as everything in this world, where nothing came to what it was meant to.
"It's true, father," Rebecca replied, "He told me himself, after confessing his love for me" It was obvious that she was not lying, you could tell by her tone of voice. The Leader, knowing Rebecca well, knew this had to be the truth. She had acted differently towards Adrian for quite some time, and he wished to wed the two. Lately, though, Rebecca had acted very different towards Adrian that ever before. She directed questions not at him, but more to herself. She even took the time to avoid his presence. Now, everything was different. He had asked Rebecca here to give her his blessings to wed Adrian, but this changed everything

"So, you are telling me that Adrian is part of those two twins I tortured way back when?" The leader asked questioningly, as if he was trying to find some flaw in Rebecca's story. Something that was no longer true, a lie perhaps.

Adrian could not take all the pain Rebecca was putting on him. He had said all this but she had promised not to tell, promises were sacred, something so personal in the Guild, that, if broken, the betrayer had to be killed, but the person they had betrayed. Adrian would not be able to kill Rebecca, he still loved her, even though she had betrayed him.
Hastily, he walked out of the room, still cautious to be silent. He would have to flee, and tonight, or be killed for loving someone of a higher rank, and being a triplet.
He stood outside the door, though he knew it was a dangerous place to stand, for surely Rebecca had heard him enter and exit the room, she could easily hear him, though not many other men in this realm could. Surely she was leaving at this very moment to flee to him. All he wanted to do was try to figure out why she had betrayed his secret. It must be because she loved a triplet, though he was one no longer. He heard Rebecca's soft footsteps. She was coming to look for him, and see what he had been doing in the leader's room. 'I will not tell her,' he told himself, 'There will be no more betrayal of my secrets.'

As he started to return to his room, he heard the door open behind him. His pace fastened, his heart beat harder. He was scared of Rebecca. Above all people, it was Rebecca he was scared of.