This is what I need to learn in therapy.
I need to respect myself,
To trust people with my problems.
I need to not think not being invited,
Or when something goes wrong in my life,
As a personal attack against me.
I also need to not comment to friends
If I don't get invited,
Because even in a joking manner,
It can turn negative.
I don't need to be so worried about things,
Letting God do the worrying.
I need not to be impatient to find someone,
If it is meant to happen,
It will happen.
I need to learn to be assertive,
Not being afraid to ask for what I need.
I need to have the courage to try new things.
I need to try and watch what I say,
Things can be taken bad,
And if I make a friend feel guilty
About something it makes me feel bad.
I can't fix all the problems in the world,
Though I wish I could,
But I am not a superhero
I am working on all of these things
It is not going to happen over night,
But I really am trying,
I hope my friends can see that,
I am trying to fix me,
So that way later in life,
When someone needs me,
Because they have a crisis,
I will be able to help them more.