I was sitting in my homeroom classroom. Right next to Mallory, behind Vince and Matt. Three people I couldn't stand that morning. I avoided talking to them at all costs. I can still remember that day incredibly well. Having our English class when they announced something over the intercom about code yellow. Everyone was wondering what was going on, but class went on. About 10 minutes later, Mrs. Alfieri, the Jr. High science teacher, walked in. "2 planes flew into the World Trade Centers this morning. Another one flew into the Pentagon." I don't ever remember a classroom being so silent. We lived in America! The most powerful nation in the world. They didn't do terrorist attacks on us! People were afraid of us. As we sat there in awe, our teacher got out the radio, and had us listen to it. Class did not go on as it normally would have for the rest of the day. How could it have? Nothing WAS normal. I remember talking to Vince and Matt and Mallory like we were all friends. We weren't friends though, but it seemed that day truly brought our class closer together as a whole. We realized that our nation was not invincible, as we had been brought up to believe. That day, September 11th, 2001, the United States came to realize that we did, in fact, need each other. That we were one nation. A whole, made up of many parts that together made one. One nation, one place, one people. A people united by one thing. A thing that is special, that not everyone can claim to have. That thing? Being a citizen of the United States of America. That day, our country came together as one. People were kinder to others. People had more respect for one another. For that one day, we truly were the United States. United under God, doing something for the betterment of our country. People went out of their way to help. They gave blood; fire fighters and police came from across the country to help with this national tragedy. People gave up their lives to save others: the ultimate sacrifice. That day truly touched my heart, in more ways than one. I was young when it happened, but I was touched. I am glad that I am able to remember that day, and the many days afterwards. I am glad that I am able to remember how it brought our country together. I am glad to have been able to see the wreckage that was the two towers, 3 months later. But I am scared for our country now. I am scared that they will forget September 11th. That they will forget the significance of this day and what it meant to this country. I don't want it to be like December 7th. Most people today couldn't tell you the significance of that date. No matter how significant September 11th was, I am sure that 50 years from now, people will be saying "September 11th? Didn't something happen on that day?" I am also scared of what has happened to our country since then. People came together on September 11th, and it was maybe for a couple of months, before it stopped. It simply stopped. And I fear that the only thing that will truly unite our country again is another day like September 11th.