Love is Not Like the Movies

Cannot eat, cannot sleep:
the heart is a justification,
for the butterflies.
Both deafened by carillions
and sprinkling of cherub petals.
The mutual feeling of fondness,
detonates into a brawl.

No such thing as star-crossed lovers
or an Audrey Hepburn romance flick.

"I cannot live without you."
Were the words exchanged but they
were forsworn from the beginning.

Cannot eat, cannot sleep:
love is not like the movies.

A/N: Oh blah aren't I depressing? =P I think I could have done
a lot more with this but I am struggling to get any words out
and this is what was derived from moi. Hands down this poem
sucks as well, hehe. (I hate everything I write lately...) Maybe
I'll do more with this later on.