I wish I could just be happy
and that this could all disappear
that I could stop being so fucked up
stop crying all the time
stop wanting to dig my nails so deep
into my arm
until blood pours out

Why can't I just get over it?
Move on
stop being miserable
stop being so needy
and oversensitive
just for one single moment
feel normal

I want to be normal
I'm so tired of this feeling
this feeling of emptiness
constantly lingering in me
tired of turning everything I touch
into unsalvageable garbage
just because that's what I am

I am worthless
I am nothing
and you
you're a god
you're perfect
you're everything
anyone could want

Anyone but me
I'm so needy
and I can't be pleased
I need too much
more than anyone should ask
and I know you try so hard

You try way to hard
because I am way too undeserving
and nothing can ever change me
and I'm sorry
I'm sorry I drive you crazy
I'm sorry you're miserable
I'm sorry for who I am

I'm sorry, so sorry