Title: Ave Maria
Disclaimer: I own Michael, Chris and Maria. I don't own the city of Kansas City. Nor do I own Drive-Thru chapels. Nor do I know if such establishments even exist. Well, they do in my mind.
Summary: But Michael can't stop looking at her.
Notes: This one's a bit longer, and *gasp* HET. *shriek* But it's still related to the slashy vignettes. I wrote these while babysitting :P

--- --- ---

Michael meets Maria on the road in KC, when he stumbles into a local drive-thru chapel looking for drive-thru redemption on toward the next city on the twelve day road trip.

Maria isn't big on ballplayers; in fact, the only thing Maria is big on is God.

Maria has fair, shoulder length brown hair, pulled back into a ponytail. Her face is plain, not adorned with makeup or piercings sported by so many girls her age, these days. And her figure isn't that impressive either; she's a bit thick in the waist and hips, but Michael can't stop looking at her.

She speaks in a distinct drawl, her words leaning into one another, her pronunciation lazy.

Michael finds it endearing.

He trusts Maria immediately, so he confesses his sins to her instead of the priest.

--- --- ---

Michael, knees pulled up to his naked chest, fingers his Glo-in-the-Dark rosary absently, counting off the beads in his head. "I kiss my catcher 'cause he wants me to, and I don't, not really. But I don't want to, you know," he mutters, glancing at her, "upset him. . . That's a sin, right?"

Maria pulls the cheap motel bedsheet to her breasts, notices a cigarette burn by her wrist. "What, because your heart isn't into it?"

"No, kissing Chris," Michael says, "that's a sin, right?"

"I don't think so," Maria says. The burn scratches against her wrist. She likes the way it feels against her skin. "I don't see why it has to be that way."

Michael feels sick to his heart that he's done wrong by Chris by confessing to Maria all of their sins, so he rolls on top of her, squashing her breasts against his chest, and kisses her quiet. She tastes like Spearmint and cigarettes, and even soap.

Maria says nothing more about Chris. In fact, she doesn't get much of a chance to say anything the rest of the night.