Bring forth into Light, the Light of Life, the Light of Proof
Bring forth into Light the real you.
For if our eyes and minds hide in traps and snares and binds
Then how will we see what is true?

- Katriel Kittel, I Hear The Light Say

(The following is adapted from Luke 7:19-21)

Reluctantly Phillip Eichler allowed his old friend Jacob to guide him closer to the front of the crowd. After all, Phillip needed to see and if this Jewish prophet had healing abilities, then he might as well let Yeshua bring back his sight, but that didn't mean he believed he was the Messiah. Yet.

After the interruption of the disciple of Yochanan, Yeshua went back to the needy crowd of people. Leaning on the staff and trusting his daughter Katriel for support of his weak legs, Sammy Pascal watched as Yeshua's eyes studied Phillip. The Rabbi touched the blind man's shoulder and asked, "What have you need of?"

Phillip's Hebrew was rusty, but he didn't wait for Jacob's interpretation. He declared in Polish, "Can't you tell? I can't see! My eyes are burnt and I need to see!" Let's see if this ancient Hebrew could figure that out!

Yeshua raised Phillip's left arm and pushed the sleeve of his robe back, revealing the tattooed numbers of the Auschwitz death camp. Without hesitation, He leaned His head so that He could whisper in Phillip's ear, "My son," He whispered in Polish, "You sought Me in Shabbat, but you never asked Me for rest. Why was the word tikvah birthed from the word kavah? When Hope like a Cord binds you as an Anchor of your Soul, that Anchor will set you free. Yet, how do you measure hope?"

Phillip trembled and whispered, "I don't know." This Galilean born centuries before Poland became a nation not only understood Polish, but also knew the question Phillip had asked his father? No one, save that mutant cat had ever tried to answer his childhood inquiry.

Yeshua's breath upon his face receded. When the Galilean spoke again, the voice was in front of Phillip and louder. This time in Hebrew for all to hear. "You traveled many days to seek your healing. Are you willing to be made whole?"

Phillip took so long in answering that Jacob whispered the interpretation in his ear. Phillip nodded impatiently at his former right hand follower, but to Yeshua he replied in halting Hebrew, "From Adonai, I ask for rest. Let haShem make me whole."

He felt this man's hands cradle his face, the palms cover his eyes. A pure and Holy light flashed in the back of his mind, as if his soul could now see the way clear, out of a dark and terrible place. Phillip's body quivered and his physical eyes tingled. The burning pain was gone. The pressure of the hands receded. He heard the prophet speak in Hebrew, "Open your eyes."

Phillip obeyed. The sight was cloudy at first, but quickly he could focus. Jacob released Phillip as he fell to his knees, astonished. "Todah Raba, Rabboni." he thanked him. Who was this man? Could he be the Messiah?

"Thank your Father in Heaven, who gives good gifts to His children." Yeshua replied.

- From Shadow's Wing, A Tale of The Remnant by Kat Renee Kittel.