Warning: Contains several grammatical errors

Chapter 1

It was nearing dinner time and a young girl was enjoying her horse ride. She was the youngest daughter of a rich Italian family who owns a lucrative wine business. She is a beautiful girl with light auburn hair and her striking green eyes reflected her every emotion. She is at a tender age of seventeen and was carefree. Her family owned many race horses and one of the oldest running vineyards in Italy. She likes being outdoors and loves nature. The wind started to pick up and Alexandra looks up and saw from afar her older sister Elena from beckoning her to come home. She waves okay to her and heads towards the stable.

The De Castel family was entertaining a visitor from America. He was the son of a very rich and powerful family. Stephano De Castel, Alexandra's father was born in America. Stephano's best friend from childhood had sent his son Darius to Italy to visit the De Castel Family. Darius came to visit the De Castel Family once before when he was 15. The main reason for his visit now is to acquire a black racing horse and to satisfy his father's and Stephano's wish to strike a relationship with Elena De Castel in hopes that the two family will merge.

Darius is quiet and unassuming, but difficult to ignore. He was not the kind of man to fall in love with someone at a drop of a hat. At the age of 25, he was not ready for marriage yet. It was his father's wish for him to marry into the De Castel Family in hopes of joining the two empires across the world together. He agreed only because he didn't want to dishonor his father's wish.

In the family room, Darius and Elena were enjoying each other's company until her mother interrupted them. Elena was the elder daughter of the De Castel family. She had long light brown hair and amber colored eyes. She was shapely and sexy. Elena was a complete opposite of Alexandra. She is sophisticated and refined. Like most rich Italian socialite, her only wish is to marry someone who is rich and powerful. Elena hates living in the countryside. She is allergic to everything that had to do with farming and nature. She likes the city life. She often stays in the condo that her parents owned in the city.

Elena remembered Darius from before; her heart skipped a beat when Darius had arrived earlier that afternoon. She turned on her charm as soon as Darius sat down in the living room.

"Elena, can you fetch Alexandra, it's dinner time and she has not greeted Darius yet". Elena's mother called from the kitchen

Elena wrinkled her nose in annoyance. Why couldn't her mom have one of the maids look for the little brat she thought. Elena wanted to spend all her time charming their elusive American guest.

"Darius, please excuse me but I guess I have to find my little sister" she smiles and walks away.

Alexandra was just finishing up brushing her horse down when she heard Elena go in the stable.

"Alex, shit... look at you...your dirty and you look like a boy with that cap your wearing...you can't go in looking like that, our guest had just arrived" Elena scolds

Alexandra just rolls her eyes. Elena was five years older than her and she was always constantly criticizing Alexandra. She would always tell Alexandra to try to look and dress better. Although Alexandra was fast becoming a young lady, she still acted young and rebellious.

"You have five minutes" Elena rambles on.

Alexandra stuck out her tongue at her.

"Your in big trouble Missy...Daddy will be so pissed off when he sees you" Elena ran back inside the house.

Darius had left the living room and headed for the stable before Elena got back to him. He wanted to see the prize horses.

Alexandra was about done when she notice a well dress aristocratic looking man walking into the stable. It was dim and he nods to her. She observes the tall man with very charismatic good looks. He had gorgeous black hair that fell unruly around his face and stunning dark blue eyes. He had natural pout to his lips like he never smiles. She vaguely remembered this gorgeous stranger but she knew instantly who he was.

"Are you the stable boy" Darius ask

Alexandra's attire hid her womanly figure well and with her hair stuck in a cap she could easily see how he would mistake her for a young boy. Alexandra decided to have fun. In her deepest voice she replies.

"Yes, sir, do you need help?"

"I want to see the Black Stallion name Midnight"

"Ah, yes"

Alexandra walks stiffly and pretends to be bow legged. She stops to where the horse was kept. Darius arches his eyebrow questioningly as he observes the stable boy walking as if he had a stick up his ass.

"Here he is mister" she disguises her voice again

Darius nods to her. He tosses Alexandra a coin and proceeds to tell her a dirty joke about the difference between a female horse and a male horse. Alexandra slightly colored.

"I must go now" she excuses herself and runs out of the stable.

When she was far enough, she burst out laughing. What a snot and fit's Elena's type to a tee she thought. She had to admit that he was very pleasing to the eye. She runs up to her room and took a quick shower. She put a nice pair of jeans on and a blouse.

Elena wrinkled her nose when she saw her sister. Alexandra's hair was still damp and hung all over her face. Even though Alexandra was not fashionable like Elena, she was very beautiful. Her natural beauty was noticeable. Her dad stood up and so did Darius.

"You remember my other daughter Alexandra."

Darius nods to her.

"Yes, we have already run into each other today" she told him

Darius looks confuse "I would remember seeing you, you have grown into such a beautiful young woman."

"I was the one in the stable" she smirked "You even tipped me" she smiled at him

Darius's eye grew wide and his mouth went into a frown. He remembered the joke he told the stable boy earlier. Darius cheeks colored.

"It's not nice to pretend to be a stable boy. I see that you're still the little tomboy that I used to know "he told her with a glare

Elena glared at Alexandra "I'm sorry Darius; Alex is a silly young brat. She has a sick sense of humor."

Her dad looked at her angrily

"Alexandra you're grounded from going to the movies with your hoodlum friends tomorrow. Apologize to Darius"

Alexandra mouth protruded into a pout, she looked at her mom for support but her mom looked away.

"I'm sorry" she tells Darius without any sincerity in her voice

Darius nods "Apology accepted"

"Alex needs to go to a finishing school and learn some manners. All she does around here is play with horses and go out and party with the locals" Elena explained to Darius

Darius took a closer look at the younger sister. Darius was pleasantly surprise that Alexandra has become a very beautiful young lady. Darius was only 15 and Alexandra was 7 when they first met. Alexandra used to follow Darius like a little puppy. She was a little brat back then and would always pull some sort of stupid stunt to get his attention. Darius can clearly remember an incident when he had chased the little runt because she had threw mud on him for kissing Elena. He chased Alexandra into the woods and they both got lost. They had to find shelter in a cave because a bad storm started to form. Darius can still remember Alexandra's frantic green eyes. Alexandra had huddled next to Darius and cried. Darius had consoled her by playing a stupid game called I Spy. As soon as the storm died down Darius had to carry her back home because she was too tired to walk. After that day, Alexandra was more insistent in being by his side.

Stephano turned to Darius "Alexandra is actually a connoisseur when it comes to horses. The black stallion belongs to her mare Ruby. She is very good at taking care of them."

Darius was very passionate when it comes to race horses. He had a whole stable of them in California. He traveled all around the world acquiring them.

"Midnight will be a fine addition to your collection, Darius"

Alexandra looks up. She feels her heart start to sink. It can't be. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her dad was taking her horse and giving him to Darius. Alexandra stood up upset. She gave Darius a hurt look.

"No, Daddy I beg of you, don't"

Elena glares at her "Alexandra, sit down. That horse is worth a million dollar. It was never a pet, it is a racing horse."

Alexandra's tears started falling and she runs up to her room upset. She heard Elena from behind apologizing for her crude behavior. Alexandra didn't care; she couldn't fathom losing her baby horse.