Chapter 20

It was not until mid noon did the two lovers decided to finally get up from bed. Darius and Alexandra had been busy making up for lost time. Alexandra was also prolonging the inevitable task of facing her family. Darius cell phone was ringing for a good couple of hours until he decided to finally answer. He knew it was Roman.

"Yes." Darius answered

"Finally, for god's sake I know you had some making up to do but it is 2:00 o'clock buddy. Try to keep it in your shorts for a couple hours and get over here. Her dad will flip if she is walking all funny." Roman ranted

"You pig. Sex is not all we have been doing asshole. We are on our way."

"We are here at Dad's house waiting. Stephano is getting impatient."

"Stephano can kiss my ass." Darius hung up the phone

Alexandra and Darius took a leisurely bath together and got dressed to leave. Alexandra wanted to see her horses first and lovingly kissed and hugs both of them. It was an hour later when they pulled up to Darius's father mansion. Alexandra was starting to feel the butterflies in her stomach.

Maria instantly went over to Alexandra as soon as they arrived. She hugged her daughter and then hugged Darius. Alexandra saw her dad stand up and went over to her.

"Alexandra. I 'm truly sorry for my actions yesterday. I meant no harm to you."

Alexandra hugged her Dad and started to cry. As terrorizing her Dad can become, he was her father. She loved him dearly.

"Daddy. It's ok. I didn't mean to displease you in any way."

Stephano stepped over to Darius and offered his hand to him. Darius still angry from the night before waited a little until he shook Stephano's hand. Aristotle came over and told them to sit down. The family sat in silence until Alexandra spoke up. She turned to her Dad with misty eyes.

"Daddy. I know that you want me to come back to Italy with you but I'm exercising my choice as an adult to stay here with Darius."

Stephano's lips tightened. He hated the fact that he had lost control of both his daughters.

"I don't want you to stay here and you need some sort of guidance. If you stay here, you will only be his live in lover."

"What? Alexandra has agreed to marry me and we are going to start planning our wedding." Darius told Stephano

"Is this true Alexandra?" Stephano asked his daughter

"Yes. We talked about it last night. I want to marry in the springtime after I'm done with my first year of class. Daddy I know what I want."

"Ok then. This is all settled Stephano." Aristotle looked at his friend

"Can we have the wedding in Italy?" Maria proposed happily

Darius shrugged his shoulders. "I don't care where it happens as long as it happens."

"Ok then, we will plan the wedding in Italy. We can have a reception here in the States too." Aristotle told them

Alexandra was relieved that it was over.

...... It has been six months

A lot has happened since Christmas. Elena got engage to marry Marcel and will be moving back to Italy so Marcel can learn the family business. Tina has become closer to her. Darius hired Tina to work for him. Roman and Lana was expecting their first child together and Alexandra was excited that she was going to be an Aunt. Jenna and Alexandra worked out their difference. Alexandra was now the vice president of the company and she allowed Jenna to work for them again.

Alexandra stood in front of the mirror. It was Sunday in the month of June. They were at the Cathedral in her hometown. Elena was busy trying to make sure that Alexandra looked perfect.

"Wow. This gown is beautiful. You look like a princess." Elena ranted

Alexandra's gown was specially made for her. It was a strapless gown long and flowing in beaded silk chiffon that complimented her flawless figure. Her hair was pulled up and little ringlets fell around her face. Her veil was cathedral length. Alexandra smiled at her sister Elena. They have grown close within the last year. She can hear Tina and her friend Selena outside the door.

"Isn't he a cutie. Selena asked Tina about one of the guest"

"Oh my God, there are so many hotties out here. I can't wait for the reception." Tina giggled

The music started and Elena took her hand and led her out to where her Dad was standing. She can see her Dad trying to control his emotions when he saw his youngest daughter. As Alexandra prepared to enter the church, she looked over at Elena. Elena wiped a tear away from her eyes as they all took their place. Alexandra smiled at her Dad nervously through her veil, which completely covered her face. She can see Darius at the altar watching her as she started the traditionally march through the aisle. The Cathedral was filled with spring flowers, enlivening the Gothic fa├žade of the old Cathedral. Alexandra smiled when she passed her mother. She can see the tears already flowing down her mother's cheeks. Her father looked like he was going to have a small panic attack when he handed her over to Darius. They both stepped up the altar. She looked over at Darius who was completely calm to her surprise. It was a long Catholic ceremony. She followed all the rituals methodically without any thought.

When the priest asked her to repeat the rites of the marriage her voice squeaked and quivered. Throughout the ceremony she was shedding tears and yet Darius stood right next to her as calm as can be repeating his vows nice and loud. They exchanged rings and the priest finally pronounced that they are man and wife. Alexandra turned to Darius. Darius took her veil off and smiled at her. He kissed her softly and whispered that he loved her. Alexandra gave him a big smile and returned his kiss and also professes her love for him. Roman came over and hugged both of them and told them he loved them both. She smiled at Darius because Roman was already drunk.

The church crowd roared with happiness as Alexandra and Darius both proceeded down the aisle together as man and wife.