I should be working on homework
I should be doing laundry
I should be cleaning my room
I should be making dinner
I should be doing
so very many things
but I can't

All I can do
is sit here
thinking of you
Memories of your voice
your arms around my waist
your lips touching mine
lingering in my mind

I am lost in a dream
of our last encounter
and how absolutely perfect
every moment was
as if nothing in this world existed
only us
and our moments together

I miss you so much
and I want to feel your hands again
intertwined with mine
and see the look on your face
when I tell you how much you mean to me
I hate this waiting
that seems to last forever

for the next time
you can hold me close
is like a death sentence
and the only thing
that gives me hope
are these memories of you