Why won't you say you love me?
Why won't you say you care?
Why won't you wipe away my tears?
Why won't you erase my pain?

I am nothing but a shadow to you
Silent and black upon the ground,
I am nothing but an annoyance to you,
Whenever I make a sound.

Why won't you listen to me?
Why won't you support my needs?
Why won't you open up to me?
Why won't you end your greed?

You never pay attention to what I have to say
You don't care about my dreams,
You forget I'm even here,
You never hear my screams.

Why do you turn away?
Why don't you pay attention?
Why do you act like you hate me?
Why do you stay this way?

I am forever alone with you
You ignore me night and day,
You never want to be with me.
You never know what I say.

Why am I so invisible?
Why is it so hard to see?
Why don't you change the way things are?
Why from me to you flee?

I want to be noticed
I want to see your eyes,
I want you to love me
I want not be despised.