'The Second Amazing Adventure of Jeff 'Dylan' Smith a.k.a. 'The Dylanator'
With His Trusty Sidekick 'Crazy Rob'"!

After returning from their harrowing adventure, wait a second, who wrote this? Harrowing? Alright. Anyway, they made their way back to their secret hideout where a note was waiting for them. It read as follows:

It's about time! I've been waiting for hours. Anyway, I'm gonna try to capture you and then kill you and then I'm gonna rule the world. I'm sure you are wondering how I will catch you aren't you? There's a trap in the bathroom. When you flush the toilet you will both be captured. Hahahahahahhaha!!!

Ken the blonde bad guy

"Hmm, unfortunately he didn't leave us any clues," Jeff said. "Maybe we should flush the toilet," Rob said moving towards the bathroom.

"Noooo!!!!" Jeff yelled. "Noooo?" Rob asked. "No I meant no," Jeff replied. "Oh, okay," Rob said flushing the toilet.

Suddenly, the floor dropped beneath them and they hurtled downwards and then they were suddenly lifted upwards. Realizing they were on an elevator Jeff calmed down but Rob was screaming, "Ahhh!" Jeff calmed him down but by the time he had calmed him down the elevator doors were opening to reveal the inside of an office. It was triangular and there was a silver plaque that said "The Triangular Office of Ken the Blonde Bad Guy."

Sitting at a desk was a thin lady of around 20. She was typing at a computer and looked up when they entered. "Do you have an appointment?" she asked. "Uhh, yes, Ken is supposed to kill us," Rob said. Jeff poked Rob in the ribs and muttered under his breath, "You weren't supposed to say that." "Ah, yes. Mr... The Dylanator and Crazy... Bob." "Uhh, that's Rob," Rob piped up. "Oh, sorry about that Mr. Crazy Rob. Ken will see you now."

The doors behind the secretary opened slowly revealing a pentagonal office. Sitting in the middle was Ken the blonde bad guy. "Hey I thought his office was supposed to be triangular," Rob said. "I guess he's pretty fickle for a villain," Jeff said. "Come in the Dylnator," said Ken. "Ahem," Rob coughed. "Bless you," Ken said. "No I meant I'm here too," Rob said. "Ah yes, The Dylanator's trusty sidekick Crazy Hobs," Ken replied. "ROB, it's CRAZY ROB!!!!!" as he said this Rob hurled himself at Ken kicking over his desk and punching Ken in the mouth. "Hey, I'm supposed to do that!" Jeff said. "Oh, sorry. Go ahead," Rob said, motioning to Ken. "Raarr!" Jeff screamed as he hurtled toward Ken and grabbed him. "Ken you feel rather clammy. Is there something wrong with you?" Jeff asked. "N-No," Ken said almost mechanically. "Hey," Rob said, "What's that on his back?" Rob pointed at an emblem on Ken's back that said 'Made in China, Property of Ken the blonde bad guy'. "He's a robot?" Jeff asked, confused. "He's gonna blow!" Rob said running out of the office. Jeff let go of the robotic Ken and ran out of the office diving through the doorway. "Was that really necessary?" Rob asked. "Well all the cool superheroes do that when something blows up," Jeff stated. "I guess that's true," Rob agreed. Leaving the building they find that they're next door to their treehouse. "How convenient," Rob said. "Yup, and now this story is over," Jeff said. "Oh, no," Rob said. "What's wrong, Rob?" Jeff asked. "Now we can't catch Ken the blonde bad guy." "Yes we can we just have to wait till the next story," Jeff assured him. "When will that be?" Rob asked perplexed. "Whenever the author feels like writing it," Jeff said. "Yes, I know that, but when?" Rob asked again. "Just say goodnight Lois," Jeff said. "Oh, no I'm not falling for that one again," Rob said. "Alright then just say Ollie Ollie Oxenfree!" "Ollie Ollie Oxenfree?" "Ha! I got you again. This is too easy," Jeff said, cracking up.
Will they ever find Ken? Will it be the real Ken? Where are my pants? Will Jeff continue to trick Rob? Will Rob ever understand? I still don't know so why don't you wait till next time with Jeff a.k.a. the Dylanator and 'Crazy Rob'.