Sitting in the EACC(Elkhart Area Career Center) made me think about 9/11. Don't ask. Maybe b/c Saturday was the 3rd anniversary. This is how I remember it. Please R&R!


It was an ISTEP day. I hated it. I was sitting in Miss King's room. I was done and so was half the room. Our break before the next test was in 25 minutes. I was dying. Then our Principal, Mr. Clendening, came over the PA and said: "Students please take a ten minute break and return to your classrooms."

So we were all dismissed. I went to my friend Beverly's room (Xena Crowder) and we talked. No more that three minutes later, Clendening came over the PA and yelled: "Get back into your rooms! It's an emergency."

I said good-bye and ran to my room. When I sat down, King turned the TV on and we were in time to see the footage of the planes crashing into the North Tower. They went back to the scene in time for the South Tower to fall.

I jumped form my seat and ran downstairs. I didn't stop running until I was in the cafeteria. To my surprise, my friends were already there. I sat there and cried. They comforted me. I love them all to death.

Now three years later, I am still choked up about that fateful day. The day I found out the world could be a cruel and heartless place.


PLEASE R&R. Freedom Rose.