Straight A's
In high school,
I was never one
of the socially elite, but -
I was popular
in my own way.
People knew my name.
(Well, they knew
I had a name,
at least.)
My sister and I,
we were
'the King twins'.
People heard about us
because we were smart
and we looked alike.
We got straight A's
on our report cards
and had the highest
grades in the class.
Kids were astounded by us,
teachers begged to
have us in their classes -
people just knew
who we were.
And it was kind of nice.
But now,
here we are,
in a new city,
at a different school -
a university, even -
and no one,
absolutely no one,
knows who I am.
So I sit alone
in my class of three hundred,
listening to a professor
who will never know my name,
surrounded by students
who couldn't care less
about me, my life,
or my straight A's,
and it's hard
not to realize
how very different
my life has become
in just
three short months.

TMK 9/13/04