Emo Boy, Still Crying

I would love to start this ala Huck Finn style, but this isn't the deep south and I'm not Huck Finn so I really don't see the point.

But let's just say that Huck Finn was opened by young Mr Finn saying you'll only know him if you've read The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer. And I guess I'm going to say something similar.

If you've read Emo Boys Do Cry you'll know exactly who I am - Matt, the emo boy who does cry.

If not, let me fill you in.

If you attend high school, or have been to one recently I'm sure you'll remember the slightly long haired boy leaning casually against his locker, hair in the eyes, Dashboard Confessional on the MP3 player and a pair of Cons on his feet.

Well I was that guy.

The emo boy, a not so secret object of lust for some of the girls who wanted to be trendy and have an emo boy on their arm. Except, I wasn't on the arm of a trendy girl (well I was for a while, but lets forget about that, shall we?). I was on the arm of the quiet, artsy, severely wonderful but very under-rated girl.

Angel Andrews - there is no-one quite like her as I'm sure you all found out. Well, I was glued to her arm and vice versa. Not with actual glue but if I had the choice with some rather snazzy black and red checked shoe-laces as they look killer in my Cons.

But anyway, moving swiftly on.

Ms Andrews took a very big risk on me and came to Seattle. Well, Olympia actually as we don't have the money to live in Seattle. Our place is kinda small and kinda dingy but Angel's been a-scrubbing since we got here two months ago and now it's actually habitable.

She got to tell her story, or the beginning of our story. But everything that has a beginning, has an end.

Wasn't that the tag line for some movie? I can't quite remember. If anyone can, let me know. Back to what I was saying. Everything that has a beginning has an end. Unless of course it's the original Neverending Story by Michael Ende. God, he meant that…

Angel began, and while I may not be able to finish, I would greatly like to continue where she left off.

So lace your cons up real tight, put on a bit of Dashboard and let me tell you what happened after happily ever after.

First of all, we did go to Seattle. The flight was a bit long, I got bored and slept and read and listened to Dashboard and tapped on my little meal board thing so much that Angel had to hold my hand to stop me.

I was kinda nervous, not in a "Hey you have really long eyelashes" kinda way, but nervous enough to think that if I opened my mouth I may be sick. I wasn't just nervous for me, I was nervous for Angel and I was nervous for Dashboard Confessional. After Vindicated, can you really blame me?

Ok, so I strayed off topic, but back to the plane…

So we landed and my dad picked us up in his flash shiny car. We were going to stay at his Lake Washington home for a couple of days while the paper work was going through on our house/hellhole in Olympia. It was courtesy of my once absent, now guilty father who felt the need to pay the first couple of months of rent to make up for years of absence while he was away abusing illegal substances. Not that I was complaining, he was doing us a huge favour. Angel hadn't decided what she was going to do yet and I was sure apprentices in recording studios don't make that much.

My father was welcoming and even had his maid make us dinner. Angel didn't want anything much and asked for pop tarts, strawberry please with sprinkles if you have any. I decided to make them for her and she accompanied me into the blindingly chrome kitchen.

Once again, I took to drumming on the work surface. Angel watched me like a confused puppy for a while before speaking.

"You alright?" She asked. I stopped the drumming and stuffed my hands into my pockets.

"Yeah, sure I am. Why?"

"Cuz I think my pop tarts are burning and if they do I may be forced to kick your ass." She joked, quickly kissing my lips before pulling herself onto the work surface so that she was sitting beside me.

"I won't let them burn, only the best for my girl." I smiled.

"Aw fuzzy. But don't you forget it." She stuck her tongue out as I reached over her head to get the sprinkles down from the cupboard to sprinkle on her pop tarts. I put them on a plate and sprinkled to my heart's content.

"Here ya go. What's French for pop tarts?" I asked absent minded as we walked back into the dining room where my father was eating some sort of dead animal. She sat down beside me and shrugged gently.

"Dunno. Probably just the exact same."

"Yeah, probably. Didn't you take French last year?" She flashed me a cheeky grin in reply.

"I did, but I distinctly remember spending the final sitting in your car listening to Death Cab for Cutie." She giggled guiltily. I nodded.

"Ah, that's right. Well you weren't going to pass anyway," I joked mischievously. She gently punched my arm.

"Take it back or you're not getting any sprinkles."

"Ok, ok, I take it back." She smiled slowly, and handed me half of her sprinkle covered pop tart.

"Well now that I've witnessed your dynamic I'm a bit…disturbed but still," My father laughed and we joined in. "I'm going to bed kids, it's been a long day. Matt, don't stay up too late you've got work tomorrow."

I saluted him and shouted "Aye aye cap'n!" as he climbed up the stairs. We heard him laughing as he closed the door behind him.

Angel and I decided to raid my father's DVD collection for entertainment as it was too early for us sleep deprived kids to go to bed. Sadly, he didn't have anything of interest - all old gangster movies and westerns.

"Please tell me you bought something Burton?" Angel asked as we flopped down on the over sized sofa.

"Lucky for you I did." I ran upstairs and returned (although I nearly broke my neck slipping on the damn carpet) with a handful of Burton DVDs including Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Batman and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Angel of course picked Edward Scissorhands and was crying before the end. As was I, something I am not ashamed to admit because have you seen that movie? It's so sad. I had to steal Angel's hanky to comfort myself.

She also ended up falling asleep shortly after I put on The Ataris "So Long Astoria" DVD. When I had had quite enough of staying up late, I pulled back her hair and breathed cold air on her neck, something I know was nasty but couldn't help doing.

"That's the nastiest way to wake someone up ever," She groaned sleepily as I half carried her up the stairs.

"Come on, it's been a long day," I said soothingly as I lay her on the bed and removed her cons and her rainbow coloured stripy socks. She undressed herself while I got all cleaned up in the bathroom.

By the time I returned, she was huddled under the blankets fast asleep. I curled up beside her because it was cold and she was warm.

And so ended our first day in Seattle, the first of many more days to come and go. It was, I felt, our first defining day as a couple but it most certainly would not be our last.

(A/N: Ok, so I know I told some people I wouldn't sequel. But I couldn't help it! Also, Pixie Stix seems to think I owe you guys more. I hope this isn't a bad sequel, but a good sequel. I really wanted to write in Matt's POV, so I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you'll enjoy the next chapter and I hope you'll review cuz I love getting them!)