My favorite place,
Is as calming and cheerful as the dawn.
And offers a lot of space,
It's beauty is never gone.
It may be spooky at night,
But there, everything's not about time.
There, everything feels right
And my troubles slip from my mind.
Morning dew welcomes the sun,
A thin, misty fog hangs above the ground.
The new day has just begun.
When I look about, I'm glad what I've found.
Many people think this place is down.
And that's only
Because they're used to towns.
Here you're never lonely.
You can whisper your secrets
And these people will never tell.
You'll just drift and forget
Like you were under a spell.
But no magic is at work here,
Just the trees and the sky.
The spirits that wipe their tears,
As decades pass by.
Here you can see,
The gateway to heaven.
The wind is carefree,
And you can believe in
Everything turning out okay.
Though nothing makes a sound.
Now your sky is not so grey
And you can turn things around.
You can hear the earth breathe
And see the good in the bad.
And try to achieve
What no one else has.
This place is a cemetery,
With crosses, headstones and all.
This place is beautiful, not scary,
Through daytime and nightfall.
Even though I'm up there all alone
In the snow and rainfall,
Nothing's really set in stone,
And I'm not really alone at all.