What Would They Do?

What would they do?
If they found out
What I had done
Would they even care?

Would they cry and
Tell me it's going to
Be okay and hug
All my fears away

Would they shout?
And scream and hurt
Me even more if they saw
What I do when I feel pain

Would they even care
I doubt they would
Coz they don't care
Right now even when they should

What would they say
After every things said and
Done, would they still
Love me or would they shun

I don't really know
I'm to scared to tell,
I can't even tell my friends,
coz they'll think what the hell

I have no one
To turn to coz
This pain is getting
Too much But if I had

A friend to understand
But not judge, will they
Desert me and talk
Behind my back

Will they be all
Snide and not give
Answers back will
Will they even care enough to turn their backs

Oh, I can't take
It anymore, I'll
Turn to my trusted
Friend, the one thing

I know will always
Be there, and ready
To make amends so
I reach over to get it

Shining in the light
As I lift up my sleeve
Ready to see the crimson

It trickles slowly
Down my arm
Pain that I feel
Gone with every slice

I won't tell anyone
Its not like its
Hurting them its
Will be my little secret

Everybody has secrets
Life would be boring
With out them,
Don't you think?

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