I am a simple poem,
not as well written as the others.
I don't rhyme.
I am not even sure if I know how to rhyme.
I probably
sound childish.
I am very simple.
Not as elegant as a sonnet.
with all its pattern, and form.
though not as tiny
as a clerihew
or a haiku.
I don't have a deep
like some.
It makes me sad.
I am not sure
anyone will
publish me.
I am not the best poem.
but am I the worst?
I don't know.
People seem to want
to read the others before me.
I sit quietly on someone's computer screen.
crying to be read.
Maybe someone,
will be attracted to me,
even though my
language is simple,
and my message is small.
But here
I sit
for someone
to be attracted to me,
and maybe to become a
famous poem one day.