I remember the good old days
When you played with my long hair
Braided it like twine in your fingers
And we watched movies
Too late into the morning
It was afternoon before we woke up from life's dreams
When the devil threw his pitchforks
I was there to hold your hair back
When you regurgitated everything the world taught you wrong
And when you cried
I cried too
It was not as I was made of stone
Because even stone can break
And we drove around town throwing back the eggs
The entire world pelted us with
I was myself only when I sang your beautiful music
And it was I who named your guitar Burgundy
Because anything as red
Would only be love of friendship

I remember the good old days
When we went to concerts and howled to the moon
Praising the creator and creation
Of something that made me myself once again
The last time we saw each other
We were as cold as outer space
And when the devil spoke to me in tearless screams
I was muted and everything hurt inside
You were not there with sleeping pills
Or bullets for my brain
Was it too much to expect of you?
Because if you died I would kill me too
Until you found him to replace me
He held your hair back instead
So sorry he dropped you more times then life could count
You were sorry you were not there
But about next time?
There will be no next time
Since I found my hands work the same