Once upon a time... in a quaint little village... there lived a boy and his girlfriend. Okami was quite the pretty boy... Both men and women adored his presence and flirted with his blushing cheeks. But he only had eyes for his Lucilla.

One of the treasures the young girl brought home one day was a scarlet ridinghood. Okami detested the cloak... until one day he tried it on and looked at himself in the mirror. The redness seemed to give him some strange aura of protection. From that day on he wore the red hood whenever he went out.

Now... Okami had a sister who lived off in the next town. Her and Lucilla communicated through letters. Usually a new letter was received every two days... but the letters suddenly stopped. Lucilla began to worry. Okami too started to worry-it was his sister after all. He finally decided to venture to the next town and check up upon her. Lucilla prepared him a basket filled with bread, cheese, salted meat and a canteen of water. Kissing him goodbye, she watched as he ... pranced... off into the forest between their two towns.

Okami noticed a foot-beaten path and started to follow it. The woods were rather calm. The sun illuminated the shiny leaves, giving the whole forest an airy atmosphere. The town behind him slowly vanished among the trees. Okami stopped walking upon hearing another set of footsteps. He turned about but saw nothing. After a short moment, he started walking again. The extra pair of feet was heard once more. Okami stopped yet again, turned around and yelped.

A furry creature grinned at him. His coat was glossy and blonde and his teeth were white and gleaming. He walked upon his hind legs while his front paws rubbed together in a diabolical fashion

"Hello," the wolf paused and sniffed Okami. "Little boy... Where are you off to?" the wolf asked with a plotting grin. Okami stared at the odd furry animal.

"... I am off to my sister's house on the outskirts of town..." Okami murmured finally.

"Oh? Your sister huh? Why don't you go pick her a bouquet? There's wonderful wild flowers all around these woods," the wolf suggested smoothly.

"... No I really need to check on her," Okami started walking away from the wolf. But the furry beast ran in front of the young boy.

"It wouldn't take you very long, little boy! Just a few flowers for your sister," the wolf said. Okami noticed the wolf licking his lips.

"... My name is Okami, not 'little boy'. And I really must be on my way," Okami said once more as he tried to remain composed.

"Okami? Such a delicious... I mean... delightful name!" the wolf mused with a lick of his chops. Okami swallowed as he noticed the hungry look in the wolf's eyes.

"Thank you, Mr. Wolf," Okami replied quietly.

"My name's Sterling... but I do like the sound of Mr. Wolf... especially from someone as appetizing as you," Sterling said in a hungry growl. Okami raised his eyebrow.


"... I meant adorable!" the wolf chuckled between his sharp teeth. Okami gave him an annoyed look and stepped to the side to continue his journey.

"Ya know what? There's a short cut to the other town... if you go that way!" the wolf followed behind Okami and pointed to the left.

"... How do I know you won't attack me while I am off the path?" Okami asked with a questioning glance.

"Why, I'll continue on this path and meet you at her house! You'll get there first I assure you!" the wolf said as he ran past Okami and vanished down the path. The young boy watched the wolf vanish and then glanced to the left.

"... I am probably gonna kick myself for this later," he sighed as he left the path and walked into the woods.

The speedy wolf made quick time of the path. The first house to come into his sight was the one he ran up to. He knocked upon the door with his claws.

"Yes, who is it?" a feminine voice called from within. Sterling cleared his throat.

"Your brother, Okami!" the wolf said in a counterfeit voice. He heard the footsteps approach the door.

"What are you doing here, Okami?" Torako, the redheaded sister, asked as she opened the door. Her eyes widened and she screamed as the wolf pounced upon her.

"Hmm... You're just as delectable as your brother..."

Okami emerged from the woods. In his hand was a bunch of flowers he had picked---clearly he couldn't resist picking her a bouquet. He noticed his sister's house and that the wolf was nowhere in sight. He walked up to the door and knocked.

"The door's open!" a voice from within yelled. Okami paused with his hand on the door. Maybe she was sick? He pushed open the door and closed it behind him. He locked it to make sure the wolf could not get in.

"Where are you, Torako?" Okami called from the foyer.

"In the bedroom!" the voice replied. Okami set down his basket and walked down the hall to his sister's bedroom. He opened the door. His red eyes widened when he saw the wolf in his sister's bed... wearing her skimpy silk nightgown.

"You've got to be kidding... you actually thought I'd think you were my sister?" Okami said with a scowl. The wolf grinned almost sheepishly.

"Not really... but I thought I'd stick to tradition," the wolf admitted. Okami backed out of the room and was about to slam the door shut. But the wolf bounded out of bed and latched onto Okami's ridinghood. He pulled the boy into the room and locked the door. Okami yelped as he hit the floor and crawled back from the hungry wolf. His red eyes were wide with fright. The wolf chuckled as he pulled the silken nighty over his head and tossed it into the corner.

"What'd you do with my sister?" Okami asked as he gulped.

"Nothing of your concern right now, my precious little morsel," Sterling growled suggestively. He stalked toward the quivering boy.

"... Please don't eat me," Okami whispered hoarsely. The wolf grabbed onto the trembling boy and pushed him upon the mattress.

"Oh but you look so scrumptious... how am I suppose to stop myself?" the wolf crooned as he began removing the boy's red hood. Okami yelped and tried to crawl off the bed. But the wolf held him there as he stripped him of his garments. A long, wet tongue slithered from Sterling's mouth and licked down Okami's cheek. The pretty boy shuddered as the pink tongue lapped down his collar and quivering chest.

"Mmm... so tasty..." the wolf mused between licks. He stroked Okami's nipples with the tip of his tongue, and smiled as the adorable boy whimpered from the unwanted touch. The wolf's mouth caressed up and down Okami's slender thigh. A pleased expression came over his face as the boy's muscles quivered from each tiny touch.

Grabbing up both of Okami's legs in his paws, Sterling leaned down and enclosed the savory Okami into his mouth. The black-haired one's eyes widened considerably as the foreign sensations ran up his spine. His head leaned back and a loud cry emitted from Okami's lips. His small hands gripped the bed sheets in his fists as the wolf continued to tease him with his tongue.

"As I expected, you taste heavenly," Sterling growled as he licked the creamy substance from around his mouth. Okami glanced up at the wolf. A faint pink was covering his cheeks. The wolf grinned fiendishly and licked his reddening cheeks. Sterling pulled the slender legs over his shoulders and nipped at the soft skin.

Okami screamed as the wolf entered inside. His paws stroked up and down his thighs while his talented tongue traced up and down his collar. The rough thrusts became faster and easier upon the pretty boy below. His screams calmed down into delicate moans as the moments dragged on.

Quite suddenly, the door burst open. The wolf and his boy paused in their motions to look toward the door.

"Ahh! Get away from Okami, you wolf!" Lucilla, armed with an axe, yelled as she stood in the doorway. She had the axe raised high above her head. Her eyes focused upon the two in bed. The dominant wolf held a sensual glare. His paws were stroking the other's soft legs. And below the furry wolf was her boyfriend with his cheeks flushed and his breath labored. He looked absolutely luscious and utterly dominated. She slowly lowered her axe.

"On second thought... continue..." she said, not taking her eyes off the two, but finding a seat nearby and sitting. The wolf looked back down at the boy below him and grinned. Okami swallowed hard. A new fit of moans and groans filled up the room. It was so loud, no one heard the loud thumps from the closet. Nor the muffled sounds of a bound and gagged Torako amongst the clothes...