Once upon... oh I don't know... once upon a leap year! Yes... yes that's it... Once upon a leap year, there lived a man and his sister. Oh and they were married. And were royal. Yes we have one of those incestual monarchy deals here, people. So anyway, there was the King and his wife/sister the Queen. They lived in this lavish castle. Did I mention this castle was located on the planet Pluto? It was built of fine crystal that shimmered upon its own internal light. They had all the servants they could want, all the food they could gobble and all the luxuries anyone could desire.

But the king and queen were in distress... for they badly wanted a male heir to their throne. Already they had a daughter, but they wanted a boy. But one fateful day, they noticed the queen's stomach was starting to swell. The entire court was joyous.

A few months went by... when a stranger came to Pluto. It was rumored she was a fairy of some kind... Her favorite hobby was sculpting things out of a special, iridescent rainbow colored stone. Her little house was set up close to the castle; right outside the queen's window to be exact.

Despite all the requests, this odd fairy refused to sell her creations to anyone. Yet this stone seemed to have an enchanting effect upon the Plutonian populous. Plutonians would be the type of people living on Pluto... just incase you were confused!

The queen would spend many hours gazing out her window at the pretty sculptures and other trinkets the odd fairy would make. Her obsession with the stone became so bad that she stopped eating... Her complexion went pale and her body started to go lean. The king noticed her ailing condition and became distressed once more. He sent many messengers to the odd fairy, begging her to give up just one sculpture. But she would always refuse.

The king didn't know what else he could do...till one day, the queen awoke from her sleep to find a small, carved swan upon her nightstand. It glittered the rainbow colors of the wonderful stone. Her spectrum colored eyes widened and she squealed as she grabbed up the stone and hugged it to her chest. The king was awoken by her screech and noticed the stone in her grasp. He sighed with relief and kissed her cheek.

No sooner had the queen gotten her one piece, she soon became bored with just one. She went back to sitting by her window, desiring for another beautiful stone masterpiece. The king did not know what to do once more and prayed the same miracle would happen twice.

But no miracle was performed. At midnight there came a knock to the castle door. Guards opened it and the odd fairy, carrying the king's daughter, walked into the throne room with a sour look upon her face. For a fairy, she looked rather old and gnarled---Hair a pristine white, with many wrinkles upon her face. You'd think with magic that you'd at least stay young! Two butterfly-styled wings were attached to her back. She glared up at the king and dropped the young girl upon the hard marble floor.

"This is an outrage!" the fairy yelled at the king as she shook a bony finger.

"What is wrong?"

"Your little brat was in my yard, taking one of my creations!" the fairy replied with a growl. The king blinked his rainbow eyes once and then looked at his daughter.

"Raelin, is this true?" the king asked his little girl. The child, who had by this time scurried over to her father's throne, nodded her head. The king sighed and looked back at the fairy standing before him.

"I am sorry, but she stole it so her mother would feel better. You see she's been very sick because she wants your sculptures and..." the king tried to explain.

"Stop with your excuses. You're clearly a bad parent! Go ahead, have another creation of mine! But you shall not raise your next child. I shall take it as my own and raise it properly!" the fairy sneered at the king. She opened a pocket in her frock and threw another few small sculptures at the king. They creations slid across the floor with a screech. With that the fairy turned and walked out of the room.

"... Take our child? I don't think so," the king grumbled. The few extra creations provided kept the queen in good health. The birth went well. So the king and queen were now the parents of a baby boy. They were, of course, ecstatic.

But a little less than an hour after birth, the fairy emerged through the bedroom doors. She snapped her fingers, causing the king and queen to freeze in place. Then she snatched the baby from his mother's arms and walked out. With another snap of her fingers, the queen and king awoke from their pause to find their heir to be gone. The queen's cries could be heard all through the castle. But the fairy was gone... as if she had never been there... stone creations and all.

The fairy migrated to Earth and picked the biggest continent to settle upon. As she walked up a mountain path, she gazed down at the pretty Plutonian child.

"I should name you Opal... since that is the name of the stone that was stolen..." the fairy mused out loud.

The years went by... many years actually. Plutonians and fairies are nearly immortal... but grow at different rates than humans do. So around 2000 years only aged the baby to those of a late teenager. The fairy, being odd as she is, locked the boy in a tower when he was about 12... well looked 12 anyway. The view was gorgeous. Only mountains and trees were to be seen for miles; no humanity in the least. The tower itself had no doors and the only window was at the tip top (how she got the poor boy up there is a complete mystery). The fairy said the lack of exits was to keep humans away. She seemed to dislike humans, though Opal could never tell why.

The pretty Plutonian boy grew to be the most beautiful boy in the world. Of course no one else knew he even existed. His hair shone the many colors of an opal stone, as did his eyes. His locks were so long they touched the floor and piled up a long ways behind him. He had to spend much time brushing and maintaining such beautiful tresses.

But when not doing this, he would be mimicking the sounds of animals; mostly birds since the tower was as tall as the many trees it was surrounded by. By the time he was 18 he could sing quite well... along with bird calling of course.

Once a day, the fairy would come through the forest and visit with him in the tower. She was so old she'd gained a few too many pounds... and her delicate wings could no longer lift her up. So she taught Opal how to use his hair as her own personal ladder. She would say "Opal, Opal let down your hair so that I might climb the rainbow stair!" to which Opal would gather up his locks and drop them out the small window at the top of the tower. The tresses would brush the forest floor. Then the fairy would climb onto the hair and Opal would pull her up. From this exercise, Opal got rather strong arms...

Now one day, Opal was chirping a few notes. They resonated through the forest and made their way to the sensitive ears of a man. Not just any man. This man had long silver hair that would glisten in the sun. This man had eyes the color of gold. And this man... had pointed ears and a pair of wolf like fangs. His head turned in the direction of the beautiful sounds. Without much thought, he followed the sounds through the forest for half a mile.

To his surprise, his gaze was met with that of the giant tower. He could clearly hear the sounds that were coming from the top. Yet he did not know how to get in. With disappointment lodged in his heart, he turned from the tower and started to walk off. No sooner was he a few steps away, he noticed the fairy coming from within the woods. He darted off into the nearby brush and watched as the fairy approached the tower.

The old fairy looked up the tower and shouted the key phrase, "Opal, Opal let down your hair so that I might climb the rainbow stair!". The flow of long, multi-colored tresses fell down the tower's side. The fairy latched onto the hair and was then slowly pulled up. The silver haired man watched the entire scene till she vanished through the window at the top. He waited in the brush for a few hours. Finally the beautiful hair fell from window once more and the fairy climbed down. As soon as she was out of sight, the gold-eyed man walked to the tower.

In his best old-person impression, he gargled the magic words, "Opal, Opal let down your hair so that I might climb the rainbow stair!". The familiar spectrum locks fell before the man's view. He grabbed onto the silky hair. The one at the top began to pull him up. The window came into view.

"Hmm.. old Gothel seems lighter suddenly," Opal thought to himself in the process of pulling up the stranger. But when the silver-haired man emerged through the window, Opal's eyes widened in fear. He shrieked and jumped away from the window as the golden eyed man hopped down into the room.

"Its okay, I won't hurt you," the stranger told the frightened Opal. His words were soothing to the beauty's ear.

"Who are you?" Opal asked cautiously. The silvery haired one smiled at the pretty boy.

"My name is Ku. What is yours?"

"Opal. My name is Opal," Opal replied softly. The two stared at one another for a short moment of silence. Ku took a deep breath and then let it out.

"I heard you singing. It was very pretty," he complemented the pretty thing. Opal's cheek flushed a dark pink.

"You heard me?"

"Yes, and I am glad I did,"

"... Thank you," Opal replied finally while looking very bashful. Ku chuckled at the pretty boy's expression.

"Are you a human?" Opal asked, sounding a bit frightened again. Ku shook his head.

"No, I am a wolf demon," he informed with a grin.

"A wolf demon?"

"Yeah, a kind of animal spirit,"

"... Well... if you're not human then that's good. Mother Gothel doesn't like humans," Opal murmured.

"I don't like humans much myself," Ku added. The two smiled at one another. Before they knew it, they were immersed in conversations, introducing more about themselves to one another. Opal had been dying to have someone else to talk to beside the fairy. By the late evening, Ku noticed the pretty boy gazing at him as they would speak. Without a word, he leaned forward and pressed his lips against Opal's. The naive one pulled back. His cheeks were red once more and his eyes were wide.

"What was that?" Opal asked with a stutter.

"It's called a kiss," Ku said with a smile. Opal nodded his head slowly in acknowledgment. Then they sat silently once more... but not for long.

"Kiss me again," Opal murmured to Ku. The wolf demon obliged without another word and brought his lips to the other's again... this time more aggressive than the last. His hands soon wandered the pretty boy's untouched body.

Before long, their clothes were piled upon the floor and their naked forms were pushed against each other. The skin was hot and moist. Their hands and mouths could not be taken off one another. Following their bodies' need, the two made love late into the night. Ku had to teach the naive Opal how to... a task he found very enjoyable.

"Oh Ku... I want to do this all the time," Opal whispered between gasps. Their hips were brought together over and over, faster and faster. Their bodies had become slick from sweat and sore from overuse.

"If you come home with me, we can do this all the time," Ku replied to the pretty one below him. The unsoiled boy was so tight. He seemed to squeeze Ku in all the sensitive places he needed to be upon each vivid thrust. The bed below them creaked quietly as they moved back and forth along the mattress. Opal's hands gripped at the sheets. They were twisted up in his white-knuckled fists.

Opal released many new sounds that night, sounds he had never made before---whimpers, moans, groans, yelps, cries, and sighs... all showing his complete pleasure. But Ku seemed to like it best when Opal moaned his name or begged him to make love to him faster or harder or deeper.

Ku's hands ran up and down Opal's soft thighs. He especially caressed the sensitive inner region. They continued to make love, over and over. Countless times. Each time seemed even better than the last.

Time seemed to fly and the morning sunlight shimmered through the window. The two lovers were curled up under the covers, exhausted from the long night. A few birds of morning chirped their warning calls. Opal's eyes opened at the sound. He looked over at Ku and gently shook his shoulder.

"Ku! You must prepare your leave... although you are not a human, Mother Gothel still will be enraged you were up here..." said Opal with worry in his eyes. Ku opened his sleepy golden eyes and looked over at the pretty boy shaking his shoulder.

"I can just stay here and beat her away... and take you home... " Ku yawned as he sat up. Opal shook his head and looked more seriously at the silver-haired demon.

"You must go..."

"... Well I am coming back then," Ku said as he slid to the edge of the bed, grabbing up an article of his clothing and pulling it on. Opal's eyes widened in glee upon hearing he would return. He wrapped his arms around Ku's middle and nuzzled his back.

"Yes... do return... come in the evening..." Opal purred. Ku glanced over his shoulder at the long-locked boy behind him. He stood up from his grip after getting dressed. Then he walked to the window. Opal got up, wrapping the blanket around his nude form, and walked to the window. He gathered up his hair and dropped it out the window. Ku glanced out the window and down at the ground. Then he turned, grabbed the pretty boy by his shoulders, and kissed him softly.

They smiled at one another as Ku climbed out the window and down the long stream of hair. He reached the ground and waved back up, then ran off into the forest. This little affair continued on for many weeks... Opal's favorite time of day became the night when Ku would join him and love him in ways he had never known of before.

But on one unlucky day, things were about to take a turn for the worst. The odd fairy hobbled over to the tower and called up her key phrase. The locks fell like a shimmering rainbow waterfall.

"Oh, I've been waiting all day for you Ku," Opal called dreamily from the window. But his eyes widened as Mother Gothel emerged through the window. The delicate boy gulped nervously and stepped back from the fairy... whose eyes were now narrowed with anger. How could he have made such a stupid mistake?

"Ku you say? Oh you wicked child! I hide you up here to keep you away from the ill manners of the world and low I come up and hear you speak of a Ku!" screeched the wizened fairy.

"I'm sorry!" Opal cried as the scary look of rage covered the face of the fairy. Without another word, the fairy snatched up a pair of shears, twisted the silken locks about her hand and - snip, snap! - hacked off the pretty hair at Opal's ears. The frayed ends fell about Opal's shocked face.

Using Opal's severed locks to get out of the tower, the cruel fairy dragged the broken boy far away.... far far away to a barren part of the mountain. There she left him, spitting on him first, then turning to walk off. Opal fell to his knees, holding his face in his hands.

That evening, the fairy returned to the tower... As she walked there she plotted her plans of revenge upon whoever this Ku was... She slowly climbed up the hair to the tower window, huffing and puffing from the immense amount of effort it took to climb. She reached the window, only to find a sword pointing to her neck.

"Where's Opal, you witch!?" Ku growled at the fairy, his fangs barred. The fairy merely smirked at him.

"You must be the Ku he mentioned..." she chuckled. Ku narrowed his gold eyes at the wrinkled fairy.

"Yes... now tell me, where's Opal?" he growled again.

"I've put him somewhere where you will never find him!" cackled the fairy. Ku grimaced then howled at the fiendish fairy. He slashed at her, causing her to lose her grip... She screamed as she fell...

Ku glared down at the splattered remains then gripped his hand into a fist. Without another thought he climbed down from the tower and sniffed the air, using his wolf-like senses to try and pick up Opal's scent in the wind. The scent was caught as hope sparked in the pit of his stomach. He decided which direction to run in, then ran off in a sprint.

He stopped when a familiar song drifted through the air. Except this time it had a more sorrowful melody. Ku took off again in the direction of the voice... the sound of his Opal. He approached a barren clearing. There upon a rock sat his Opal, with his arms wrapped around himself in self-pity. The poor boy rocked back and forth, humming to himself out of loneliness.

"Opal!" Ku yelled across the clearing. The rainbow boy looked up at the call of his name. His eyes widened in joy as Ku came into his view. The silvery-haired demon ran over to Opal and pulled him from the rock, spinning around with him in his grasp. Opal threw his arms around Ku's neck.

"I thought I'd never see you again," Opal whimpered as he held onto Ku tighter, afraid to let go. Ku kissed both his cheeks and smiled at him.

"I wouldn't give up on you so easily," Ku replied. The teary-eyed boy smiled fondly at the other. The wolf demon hugged his Opal tight, and planted a loving kiss to his lips.

"Gothel is no more... and now I am taking you home with me," Ku whispered. Opal nodded his head and buried his face in the crook of Ku's neck. The strong silvery-haired demon lifted up Opal in his arms and headed to his home deep in the woods where they would never be disturbed again...