Yay, sequel time! This story is for J.M. Seeley.


It was our first morning together in our new home in six long weeks. I had spent many nights here, as had Nersa, but our work as treasure hunters kept us apart most of the time. We often went on adventures (each on our own, the other staying to watch the house) that could last anywhere from a month to five or six. Even though we had lived here for three years, we had only spent twelve nights together.

Our main room had a stove built into the northern wall, a table a couple of feet away from it, and a cupboard to the right. A window was by the main door to the east, and more were placed on the southern and northern walls, two each. A door to the west led to the small library where Nersa and I spent many lonely nights until now. The stairs also stood near this wall, leading to our room.

I lay on the bed while Nersa scratched away at his desk, hovering over a new map that he had received at a tavern on his way home.

"Sir, you are obsessed." I observed.

"Obsessed?" Nersa laughed, giving me a sideways look. "With what?"

"Oh, the usual things," I explained nonchalantly, "Money, power, et cetera." Nersa half-smiled and turned back to his work.

"No more than you, Evan." He murmured.

Silence fell for a few awkward moments. I wondered if it were really true; was I obsessed? But then, Nersa didn't know about my uneasy premonition. Somehow, something life-changing was on its way, for better or for worse, and I wanted something set aside, just in case.

My thoughts wandered giddily to the after I returned from my mission, and he set off for the one he had just now returned from. Nersa and I had shared a gift I had brought back for him, a rare wine. We drank a little, more concerned with catching up. One thing led to another, and soon we found ourselves in bed.

After our little escapade under the sheets, I noticed the diamond shimmering. (It had remained with us after our first adventure together, and Nersa had explained that now combined, the four spirits could not separate.) It had never done that before, and as I drifted off to sleep, I was sure I heard voices from the diamond. I understood little, and it was not long until I dozed off.

"I wish you could come with me." Nersa sighed.

"I could, if you like. We could ask Lurma to cast a protection spell around the house." Nersa's face brightened at this, and I continued. "We see so little of each other, and I haven't been on any adventures with you since we first met."

"All right. You ask him, first thing on the full moon." Nersa said cheerily.


I got up, feeling nauseous. Hoping not to wake Nersa, I slipped out of bed, hurried out of the room, and outside to throw up just outside of the door. Obviously my attempt to go unnoticed had been unsuccessful, for when I turned to re-enter the house, Nersa was looking at me in concern. He stepped forward and felt my forehead.

"Are you feeling all right?" He demanded, pressing my forehead to his cheek.

"I'm fine. It's just a cold, really." I replied, honestly wanting to believe it.

"Sure?" Nersa gazed at me intently.

"Yeah, sure." I replied. I didn't mention that I had been doing this for a few days, nor anything about the diamond. I didn't want Nersa more worried than he already was.

"Okay. Just rest for today." Nersa commanded, practically pushing me up the stairs and back into bed. "I want you well when we head out for our next exploit."


I swear I'll try to make my chapters longer in the future!