Abusive…Hateful Person

You had a child to destroy it

Or to turn him against himself

Not to mention you

            An abusive man

            An alcoholic

Decided to have kids

            And he was the result

Why is it fair that your divorce

Is blamed on your children?

Or that your marriage is unhappy

            It's your own damn fault

            For being the way you are

You've made life Hell for him

            I wish I could make you stop

How can you watch this happen?

While you bitch about your life

And how everyone's against you

            Well…they are against you

            And it's time you take responsibility

You create your own demons

            But you're the only demon we see

Now you're taking custody

When you have no right to even pretend

To be a good enough father for him

            If I had any authority in this world

            I'd throw you in jail

Until everyone forgets your name

I don't have handcuffs or a badge

But I know when things are going too far

I have to save him somehow

            And expose you for what you are

            An abusive, hateful person